Sunday 14 November 2010

Xbox 360, GoldenEye, Wii Party and Triangle

Guess what is currently sat in my living room? A shiny Xbox 360! Well actually it's not shiny (it's sort of matt white/grey), but it's the first one I've ever seen an it's in my house so that's sort of worth a "oooh!" right? :)

Check out all the mess/cables/Transformer/board games laying around it, my living room is a little messy right now lol. Also, Carrie even created me my own "sign-on" (I think I'm using the right terminology!):

That looks like me right?! Well I think we need to add a bit of weight to the guy, but other than that... he's even wearing a dark polo-shirt and beige shorts like I often wear! I thought it was quite cool and looks quite a bit more realistic than my character on the Wii! :P

Like I've said above I've never even seen an Xbox, but it we played of Street Fighter 4 (it's great, but not as good as Super Street Fighter 2!), Burnout Paradise City (I've got this on the PC so I'm quite familiar with it), Classic Prince of Persia (it's way harder than it used to be!), etc. It was fun! :)

I also bought some new games for my Wii, namely the re-released GoldenEye game and Wii Party, both of which they're actively showing on TV at the moment.

I used to play GoldenEye on the N64 years ago (way back in 1997!) and it was fantastic. My brother, father and I spent many hours playing via splitscreen trying to kill each other and it was just brilliant fun. Unfortunately I forgot one rather large problem. Every 3rd person shooter than I have ever played since then I've played on the PC with a mouse! (Quake series, Half-Life series, Counter-Strike series, Killing Floor, L4D series and who knows how many others) Using a joypad now just seems really uncontrollable and to be completely I have no idea how all those Call of Duty people do it... I went crazy after about 3 seconds.

With a mouse I can do some really sensitive movement VERY quickly, even 180 degree flip in a fraction of a second... but with a joypad... it doesn't matter how sensitive it is or how hard you push the analogue stick, no way is it as sensitive as a gaming grade mouse... :s I tried playing with a GameCube controller and even changing my controls around, but I got absolutely slaughtered, Carrie would annihilate me very quickly with hardly any effort and even putting my lack of skill/complete joypad discomfort aside we both felt rather disappointed with the whole game, it just seemed like an obvious attempt to get money from people who remembered and enjoyed the original. Boo. I know I should try and get some more practice, but if anyone has used a mouse with a first-person shooter and then tried a joypad... you know what I'm talking about!

However, I had also bought Wii Party and THAT was absolutely brilliant. Here's some pictures from it:

We managed to get 100% on the teamwork games!

We also worked together to keep the boat balanced

Whilst playing one of the games we were dressed up smartly too!

There are lots of multiplayer games and whilst some are purely luck based, a lot of them require some sort of skill and if you do the teamwork ones (as mentioned above) you really need to work together to progress and it's just really enjoyable.

There's also a sort of "Mario Party" game which takes about an hour (you go round an island trying to get to the goal), but unlike Mario Party it's MUCH QUICKER! What drove me nuts about Mario Party (other than the constant set backs!) was the amount of text you had to click though, the constant pauses, the interuptions... everything that stopped you from actually PLAYING and as such I rarely play Mario Party 8 (Wii) because of this!

I totally recommend "Wii Party" and you can get it for about £25 for the game only and £30 with a (white) Wiimote. Although I already have 4 Wiimotes I bought the Wiimote one simply because they cost about £20 new and I figured it'd be helpful to have a spare considering the small amount extra it was!

Finally, I also bought two new DVDs for us to watch, The Abandoned and Triangle. So far we've only watched Triangle and although I really did enjoy it... it was weird! We were discussing it through the film and although I can't tell you anything about it without actually giving the story away! Wikipedia describes it as a "psychological thriller", but do NOT read the Wikipedia entry because it'll give away the twist within seconds of reading the plot (which although you work it out as it's unfolding, you really don't want to know it in advance!) :)


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