Tuesday 16 November 2010

Let there be... murkiness?

Last week at work we had a powercut and although I have a huge flashlight in my car, that was only good for an hour before the battery ran down. So I decided I really should have some sort of dynamo powered light to go in my car so at least I wouldn't be in total darkness! I've got one at home (radio/torch/alarm), but that's at home for home use... :) So I went shopping and settled on:

How impressive does that look? Well probably not very impressive as it's a small picture and it's covered in plastic, but believe me... IT LOOKS IMPRESSIVE! :) LOL. I picked this one because is has 12 LEDs and you can either have 4, 8 or the full 12 on at anyone time and it even says that 1 minutes winding is 20 minutes of light (probably on the lowest mode!), but that's sounds pretty cool right? Got it home...ripped it open... turned off all the lights and hit the power button expecting to be dazzled...

Hmm. No that's not a bad photo, that's actually what it looks like and how much it illuminates on FULL POWER. Okay so it's technically "light".... but you can't do anything with it! You could avoid walking into things based on their shadows... but THAT'S ABOUT IT! :S Very disappointed :(


  1. Lol I was all prepared to be dazzled, I should have looked for Edward instead :) (wonder if you get that reference)

  2. LED lights are great to be seen (car tail lights, bike lights) but they don't shine. Not good to illuminate something.