Friday 12 November 2010


Actually the title should be "Bonsai", but this sounded much cooler! My bonsai trees are finally growing!

They also look suspiciously like the Xmas tree that I tried to grow in 2009 - Do all trees look the same when they're growing?! Has anyone grown bonsai trees before? The instructions said after 3 weeks I was supposed to be put them in the FRIDGE for another 3 weeks (?) so they could germinate... do I still need to do that if they're visibly growing?!

Also, anyone want to guess how long before I kill this one too? (Like I did the Xmas tree, the venus flytrap, the pitcher plants, the strawberry plant and although not a plant, more recently the triops!)

Place your bets now! (Hey I got a Banzai reference in after all - Awesome!) :)

1 comment:

  1. i've had my Bonsai for years, Bonsai trees are just trees, but you have to shape then with cutting and wire, do what i did buy a book on it to take you step by step shapeing and looking after your tree..... good luck :-)