Saturday 13 November 2010


I went into Bristol on Friday evening with Carrie, Chris and Vix and we went to Wongs Chinese restaurant. I ended up getting a bit lost and missed the (very small) entrance to the car park and ended up a bit late, but thankfully no one minded too much! :)

After being shown to a table we started looking through the menus to decide what to order. However it wasn't until about 5 minutes later did I realise that the reason I couldn't find the meals that everyone else was mentioning was because I was looking at the wine menu. Oops. :) You'd think that I'd want to limit my embarrassment, but oh no, I promptly updated my Twitter with this information :)

We decided on 1/2 between us all for starters and OMG there was a lot of duck:

Check out all that duck!

Mega duck pancakes!

At first we were all trying to be conservative to make the duck last as long as the pancakes, but it soon became obvious that we had way too much duck for the number of pancakes so heaping it on was the only way. It's extra yummy in big quantities so I was glad of this anyway!

For main course I decided to have lemon chicken with shredded BEEF fried rice. Yes I know, chicken with beef rice is just weird... but it's really nice! It's something I tried at the Catonese restaurant with Laura and Leah and I think it's "my thing" now :) There was tons of chicken and tons of rice and I think I did a pretty good job of demolishing it and only left a little rice.

Nom nom nom!

The restaurant itself was really good and the food tasted very yummy so I'd definitely go back there again, my only complaint was that we had to ask for the bill *3* times! We weren't in any urgent hurry so this wasn't a huge issue, but still... :) I had joked that we should do a runner as they obviously didn't want us to pay (it's in my "101 things to do before you die" book), but we all agreed we'd feel way too mortified to actually do something like that, so I have no idea how I'll ever manage to cross that one off! But back to the restaurant, they had possibly the coolest dragon chopstick holders ever so I think that makes up for the bill issue:

Coolest chopstick holders ever?!

Fantastic evening! :)


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