Sunday 27 November 2011

Sea Monkeys

I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I've had some sea monkeys for quite a while now. The name is a lie because they're actually just brine shrimp, but still... :) I know they're not the most interesting of pets, but so far they've lasted longer than the triops I had so that's something... :)

Cool eh? And you see all those little dots in the water? It's not dirt/dust, they're tiny sea monkeys! Yes 100's of them! Maybe I can breed enough of them to have a super (tiny) sea monkey army? :)

Saturday 26 November 2011

Generic business cards

I thought I'd written about this before, but apparently not! A while back I found a website where I could get some generic business cards and I thought they were quite funny, so I did!

How funny is that? :D :D

Thursday 24 November 2011

Here be dragons

Oh look another Minecraft related entry... :) Well the CityCraft server went offline last night to be updated and I used that time to play single player mode, get to "The End" (it's actually the name of the place), fight the Ender Dragon... jump in the final portal that appears and finish the game!

Except you don't really finish the game, because it's a MASSIVE amount of text (which quite frankly bored me after about 30 seconds and I surfed the net whilst waiting for it to finish!) and then it dumps you back at your spawn point so you can carry on playing if you want.

I will admit though there was some major cheating going on, specifically the game was on easy, I turned on god mode (invulnerable) and unlimited sword/pickaxe, but even then it's still a nightmare to actually fight your way through literally LEGIONS of monsters. I honestly have no idea how someone is supposed to do this without cheating! I enjoy playing on the online server more though so this was just something to take up time until it came back :) And it has more of less come back up now, but sadly it's all been wiped (this was the plan) so we're starting over!

Before I forget, check out this arrow firing machine that someone made!

It fires the arrows through lava which then turns them into flaming arrows... I wouldn't want to be in the way of them! (without god mode) :D I'll finish this post with the Nyan Cat!


Wednesday 23 November 2011

Virtual Reality

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier which made me wonder why VR Helmets never really took off. Then I remembered why:

I guess that doesn't really need any further explanation.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

HD on a phone?

Google recently added the facility to rent movies by using the Android Market so you can literally stream them to your phone and today I noticed some films seem to have an HD option:

Now the biggest question here I have to ask is... WHY? Obviously HD is a bit of a buzz word lately because it's getting attached to everything, but your phone is ~4 inches big and doesn't even have the TV standard 1080p resolution? Probably most phones are smaller than 4 inches anyway so are you even going to notice the quality of "HD" compared to the normal? Although perhaps the normal version is really low in quality? :) I couldn't find any documentation confirming the actual resolution/bit rate of either...

Rob @ work suggested that perhaps it's so you can watch it on your TV (using DLNA), but I think because it's streaming it straight from the web that's not actually possible, so therefore perhaps it's for the people with HDMI outputs on their phone? Can't be that many of those?

Or is just to make people think "Oh for a little bit extra I'll get a better quality version" ? :S

Monday 21 November 2011

Well that was interesting!

Following on from my previous entry:

I have to say that all the people who read my blog (that I know about) are wonderful people, but you all really suck at identifying your Generation 1 Transformers :P

Of course it's more likely that you actually HAVE A LIFE so these things aren't important to you, but still... :) The correct answer was Soundwave:

Pretty similar looking? :) Some of the answers I received were just fantastic though. 7 people thought it was Optimus Prime and another person said it might be a Transformer so you were all close, although I hate to break it to you, there's more Transformers than just Optimus Prime :) Other answers I had included:

Captain America
Mr Frostie
Postman Pat

I especially loved that last one (I nearly choked on my food as I read it!) :D Thanks everyone for playing! :D Oh and just to clarify, this is what a Minecraft version of Optimus Prime looks like:

His body isn't even the same colour!!! :)

Sunday 20 November 2011

Who am I?

Very small post, but btilm305 made a rather epic statue of my Minecraft character, but the big question is... who am I? :)

Can you guess who I am? :) (and if you do I'll actually be pretty impressed!)

Saturday 19 November 2011

Graze overload

I'm fairly sure I mentioned a while back that I now get Graze boxes delivered 5 days a week (direct to work) and that's usually what I eat for my breakfast/lunch. Yes it's a bit expensive 5 days a week, but I worked out it was actually cheaper than what I used to spend down the local shop (and hopefully a bit healthier too?) so that's all good! :D

Each day they send 4 random things from my "likes and loves", but unfortunately I don't always eat all 4 punnets in a day and they start to build up...

Whoops! That's also AFTER eating the olives, focaccia and cashews that I received today! I've cancelled Mondays and Wednesdays deliveries (because I want my Tuesday box with new randomness) and that should hopefully get things back to normal :D

Oh and now the selfless promotion part (because I get £1 off a box for each person that has a free box lol)... if you've never had a free box from them before, you can have one now... go to their website and you can have your first box completely free AND your 5th box (if you stay with them that long). There's no obligation to stay with them and I know a lot of people just received their first free box and then immediately logged back into the site and cancelled all future boxes (easily done online) :) If it doesn't give you that offer straight away, the code is 2RBMR42 :)

Thursday 17 November 2011

The coolest tree ornament you have ever seen!

A friend of mine is very on the ball this year because not only have I already received his Xmas card (which I haven't opened yet!), but also he's also kindly sent me an early gift! (which I have opened because I was told to!) CHECK THIS OUT!

It's a Hasbo, fully licenced, Optimus Prime *CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT*.

Is that freaking cool or what?! This is going to be shown with pride on my tree!!

Saturday 12 November 2011

Wedding of la267 and glamack2

Okay this'll probably sound rather weird, but whilst recently playing Minecraft I was there to attend a wedding! :D

Pre-wedding party with hot tubs and pole dancing...

The actual ceremony, it was a short service, but had a good turnout!

Wedding cakes (they're not a lie!)

Then some photos to show some of the other things I've seen in the last week or two:

Found a very colourful candy forest

Someone made a massive pumpkin that glows in the dark!

Hello Kitty pixel art

zsamkj made a fantastic fully working Connect 4 machine!

Another of zsamkj's machines. Complex or what?!

Played a game of "Spleef" (the object is to not fall in the lava)

Found a very pink castle!!

Someone was excavating a massive skeleton!

How brilliant is this place? Seriously you all need to head off to the Minecraft site, buy the game then connect to the CityCraft build server! ( port 1337) :D

Sunday 6 November 2011


Did everyone have a good fireworks night? A few of us went to our friends Vicky and Andy's house to watch the local firework show and it was a really good evening! I had lots of fun taking pictures of the fireworks and I think most of them turned out pretty well :D

After the display was over we headed back to their house and on the way was a pub called the "Rose and Crown" with the scariest sign ever:

Pretty horrifying eh? How white are their teeth?! :D Once back at home we all chatted for a while and they served us this lovely dinner which was some sort of leek and chicken pie (I think?) and it tasted great! :D

After chatting for many more hours everyone finally headed off home, thanks for having us! :D

Saturday 5 November 2011

Best Kebab and Pizza

I've ordered take-away more times than I can count when I've had friends over, but I've never ordered any sort of take-away just for me, until now. A new flyer came through my door where the company name seemed to be "Best Kebab and Pizza" (at least that's the only hint of a name) and I thought that I should buy from them for three reasons. 1) I thought I should sample the food to make sure it's edible for friends at a later date 2) They must be good with a name like that 3) I really fancied a pizza! :D Here's the flyer!

There was obviously a complete menu inside and I decided to get a 12" meat feast (pepperoni, ham, beef and onions) and also added jalepenos to it. I decided to also get a 9" garlic bread as well... hey I was hungry and had hardly eaten all day! 40 minutes later there was a knock at my door and after paying I was left with two rather posh looking boxes:

Considering it's take-away food it was just quite a surprise to get such sturdy well made boxes (they're even stronger than the ones you get at pizza hut!) and bright vibrant colours too... I was very impressed but I figured if the boxes were this good the contents would perhaps be rubbish...? WRONG!

WOWEE! The pictures do not do them justice, but OMG NOM NOM NOM! :D Both tasted fantastic! Obviously I couldn't eat everything, but I had a good try! The garlic bread was eaten completely and 5/8th of the pizza. The rest I ate this evening after I came in from the fireworks (which will be in tomorrows entry!) :D

I've definitely got to order more take-away if it always tastes this good... :D

Friday 4 November 2011


I've been waiting ages for this little guy to turn up and finally he has... a mini 3-inch Android to go on my desk at work! :D

His arms move up and down and erm... that's about it really, but doesn't he look cool? It's not quite as plasticy as I was expecting either because there's some sort of rubberish coating all over and the build quality just feels really good! (as good as it can on a 3-inch figure?) :D

There's actually lots of different ones with various "outfits" (including some pretty cool ones like "Cupcake" and "Creature", "Snowman" and even a blank one that you can customise yourself! Unfortunately they're not that cheap and I'm not sure what I'd do with 30+ Android figures anyway, even if they are rather cool! :D

If you want one, they're available on Amazon (and probably lots of other sites!) :D

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Microsoft Wallet Card

If you get any sort of Microsoft certification, they give you a card to put in your wallet (presumably so you can show it to people, although I don't think I've ever shown mine to anyone in any sort of serious capacity). Last month they started issuing a new design and unlike my previous cards you could customise it slightly and include a photo if you wanted. I thought it'd be quite funny if I put on a photo which was anything but serious and it arrived today!

I use that photo as a profile picture pretty much everywhere and although my hair is little bit longer now, it's still fairly accurate I think. Is it just me though, but doesn't it seem like the certification in the top-right should be a bit bigger to fill the spacing better?