Tuesday 27 April 2010

One Touch can opener

I don't really like can openers, they have just one purpose and yet they never seem to do it properly. I've lost count of the amount of different can openers I've had and they seem to loose their cutting ability after only a few uses and even then it's nothing but an uphill struggle with them. I'd had enough and decided that, like pretty much everything, it was probably worth spending a bit of money because you usually do get what you pay for. Enter the "One Touch":

It's not a new invention and you've probably seen it before, but it's got some pretty good reviews so I thought that sounded good to me! As you can imagine as soon as I got home I wanted to try it out:

I know the can in question has a ring pull on the top, but I didn't see why that should stop me trying out the new One Touch! :) How cool was that though, clip it on, press the button... stand back and watch! It even has a magnet built in so the lid stays clipped to the unit when you lift it off. The only thing I'm a little puzzled about is the rotating at the end, I don't know quite why it did that, but it stopped at pretty much the same time the video ended. I'm guessing it's to reset the cutting position or something, but whatever it is, it's already done it's job.

Oh and what did I do with the beans?

"Super Epic Jacket Potatoes" ™ :)

Monday 26 April 2010


My Avatar SteelBook set arrived:

Blu-ray, DVD, t-shirt, Pandora survival guide book AND 4 lenticular pictures - Awesome!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Edible Lego

My friend Angel was kind enough to get me some Lego and I had take some photos to show people that you can actually build things with them:

I know, it's hardly the most exciting object ever made, but it does demonstrate that they can link together. To be fair they only "sit" on each other and they don't have the solid connection that actual Lego bricks have... but these do have the advantage of being edible (and very yummy they were too!) :)

Sunday 18 April 2010

Model making and hobbies exhibition

I spent Sunday with my dad at the Bath & West showground (about an hour away) because there was a model and hobbies exhibition there. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but there was tons of stuff there and it was a fun day out.

Radio controlled hovercrafts

There were lots of Daleks moving round (with people inside controlling them)

Model of HMS Victory - I've actually been on board the real one quite a few times!

Model trains

Radio controlled planes - They're huge!

Radio controlled blimp

One of the many tanks going over a bridge

All the free things I picked up over the day

I think you get the idea :)

Tuesday 13 April 2010


I went to not one, but TWO BBQs on Sunday (the first of 2010). The first of these was at Richard's house and we cooked lots of food:

Yummy :) I stayed a few hours and then headed off to Laura and Leah's BBQ. Because I'd already eaten I wasn't really that hungry, but I got dubbed "barbeque man" and was asked to cook the food so I did! (I didn't mind, was fun) :)

After everyone was full of food we moved inside as it was starting to get cold and we all played "Cranium". I've never played it before and explaining the rules is going to take longer than I want, but suffice to say it was a lot of fun :)

A great day :)


I bought my first Blu-ray disc:

Yes I know... it's hardly the sort of film that's going to benefit from high defintion, but I've recently just finished the book so I wanted to the see the movie and since the Blu-ray was only slightly more expensive...

I really enjoyed the book and have to say how it ended took me a little by surprise (okay a lot by surprise), but no spoilers here. It just wasn't what I personally expected, but then that's probably just me. The movie is actually more of a "movie based on a book" rather than "movie of a book" as there are quite a few differences, but I didn't actually mind (even though some of them are quite major!) and I still enjoyed it all the same.

It's funny because someone at work commented on the Blu-ray and I said that it was my first one and they were like "You bought 'THAT' as your first Blu-ray disc?" :) haha.

Lucy Porter and Subway

Last week we went out for Lucy's birthday which resulted in my going to see my first comedienne, Lucy Porter. To be honest I'd never heard of her, but the show itself was good although it felt a bit short (2 hours?), but then it wasn't very expensive either.

Afterwards we went in some local pubs, the first of which had a huge sign over the door saying they were "a different sort of pub". Me being me bounced in and went straight up to the barman and asked "How" they were a different sort of pub. Apparently they stock a lot of unusual beers, but since I was driving that didn't really help me. I had a "Feel Good" (basically a J2O!) and then discovered that they had "Relentless" in glass bottles:

It's the same energy drink as you get in the can, except it's over twice the price (£2.80!) for HALF the size! (250ml instead of 500ml!). Oh well it was still a first for me :)

After this we headed into Subway and I had my first ever subway! This caused Meg and Andy much amusement and they couldn't believe I'd never been in one, but it's just never come up. After talking to them both I decided to get the "steak and cheese" melt (or something like that?) and I had jalepenos, gurkins and lettuce put in it. Meg told me I could put tons more in it, but I was very happy with that and thought it tasted great:

After this we headed back to Lucy's where she opened her presents and then I left to back home, but she had a good day/evening so that was great. :)

Sunday 4 April 2010

Vanessa's totally awesome party

As you've probably already guessed from the title, Vanessa hosted a party and I got to hang out with lovely people, specifically Katie, Diane, Amelia, Matthew, Michael and of course Vanessa herself! Unfortunately a lot of other people were unable to make it and Amelia and Matthew could only stay for a short while which was a shame.

Whilst chatting we played "Buzz!" on the PS3 (quiz game) and then after a while Michael made us all some cocktails, specifically strawberry daiquiris and it tasted just as yummy as it looks:

Very pink eh? I think it was at this point we watched "The Hangover" (which was very much like "Dude where's my car?" but made more sense!) and I really enjoyed it. Michael got out the cards and we started playing some drinking games, none of which I'd heard of, but the games we played were called "Pyramid", "Ring of Fire" and "21" - Much hilarity ensued! After this though we'd had enough of drinking games and moved on playing on the Wii Fit and also the dancing stage:

That's Katie and Michael playing "Dancing Stage: Hottest Party" on the Wii and then we moved onto Mario Kart 64 (the N64 version!) and after this it was getting quite late so we decided to watch Moulin Rouge. I'd forgotten how good that film is and when it finished it was about 3.30am so everyone up headed to bed!

The next morning we surveyed the damage and the kitchen looked like a bit of a bomb:

Eep! :( We watched the Devil Wears Prada (love that film!) and then we had a bit of a mad rush as time caught us up and we realised Diane had a train to catch in about 7 minutes. We made it though, phew!

Finally ending with the group photos:

Me, Vanessa, Katie, Amelia, Matthew

Diane, Katie, Vanessa, Me

I had a really great weekend and I couldn't have asked for better company and I was sad when it was time to go home!

Saturday 3 April 2010

Torchwood 3

Lucy and I had planned a "random adventure" this consisted of us getting in the car, heading to one of the motorways (there's 3 that cross through Bristol, of which 2 are massive ones) and just drove with no destination in mind! After a few random choices we decided to head to Wales and go to Cardiff as Lucy had never been there! Then I realised something... What's in Cardiff? TORCHWOOD 3! (well it was!) WOW! So much to Lucy's amusement, I went on a mission to try and find out where Torchwood Hub was! I knew it was in the Cardiff Bay area so headed there! Lucy's Welsh friend David actually rang up whilst we were driving and I was like: "Ask him where Torchwood is!" and then we got near it I was shrieking "OMG IT'S OVER THERE I RECOGNISE THAT BUILDING!" (Wales Millennium Centre). After parking we went back to it and it was tipping down with rain, but I needed a photo!!! Lucy stayed under the cover of the Wales Millennium Centre and took a picture whilst I got drenched, but I didn't care! And then we went inside the building for 10 minutes and it stopped raining so we got some better pictures haha.

How happy do I look?

"I thought you said this thing goes down?"

Epic :) But that was just the start of our day of awesome! Pretty much right next to Torchwood was a carousel!!! I haven't been on one of those in a few years (Brighton, also with Lucy ironically!) so we paid our £2 each and went to pick out horses to sit on! We picked "inside" ones because we didn't want wet bums from all the rain, so here's Lucy on hers and I had "Glenys" next to her horse:

We were both going round just enjoying the ride then it kicked up to quite a high speed and we both went "Woah!" at the same time followed by exclamations of how fast it was going for a Carousel! Not that I was complaining, but all the ones I've been on before have been at a slowish rate, this was like the one on Mary Poppins and I half expected my horse to fly off at any second!

After this we headed round some of the shops before going into "Café Rouge". I've never been in one before, but it was great :) For starters we had "Fougasse" (sort of cheese bread with caramelised onions and garlic+herbs) and then both had steaks for the main course. They were cooked perfectly and the French fries that came with it had the most amazing flavouring! After that we had the trio of crème brûlée each. I've never had crème brûlée, but I've always wanted to try it after seeing it on Amélie - It didn't disappoint! We had one chocolate flavour, one vanilla and one raspberry. All of them were fantastic and we finished off with a caffé latte. Here's a picture of Lucy's caffé latte which pretty much described our day:

Finally we headed back to hers, made bouncy balls (my brother's girlfriend got me a kit for my birthday) and watched "Paprika" (WEIRD FILM!) and ate doritoes with dip - Yay! Then about 11pm I headed home and pretty much went straight to bed. Here's a picture of the bouncy balls we made:

Brilliant day! :)