Tuesday 2 November 2010


I thought since it's been a few weeks that it was time I shared an update on the triops and how they're doing. Well the good news is that two of them are alive and well and growing bigger every single day. The bad news is that there are only two of them... boo :( There are some other microscopic animals in the tank still (you can see them moving around, although too small to make them out), but sadly I don't think they're triops. The pack of eggs apparently contained some other animals as well such as shrimp so I guess they must be one of those.

Sorry that's the best pictures I could get, the things move too darn fast! And yes I'm aware that it looks like there's only one in there, but only one of them likes to dart around, the other one seems to like playing in the layer of dirt/earth at the bottom of the tank and as such it's hard to see him most of the time.

If I've understood it correctly, they'll get even bigger too... awesome! :)


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