Sunday 7 November 2010

The Tesco Megashop

My house was getting dangerously low on food and drink as I hadn't really been shopping in ages so I decided I best do another one. Well I did and they arrived just after 12pm on Saturday... and I think I might have gone a BIT overboard.

It's not my fault, honest! When I was ordering it all online I was of the mentality "well I need some of those and I need these and I don't have any of these" so I added everything I'd normally have that I had low stock of... and apparently it took up OVER HALF the Tesco delivery van. Oops :)

There was a really scary moment when I couldn't get everything into the fridge and freezer, but I managed to squeeze it all in:

Although because the freezer is full this means that I ended up having to put more stuff in the fridge than I would have liked so a lot of it now needs to be eaten very quickly before it goes out of date :( Pooey. I couldn't get one of the microwave indian meals in the fridge or freezer (chicken jalfrezi I think it was) so I decided to have that for lunch and I washed it down with 2 pints of banana milk (I bought tons of flavoured milks because it was on offer!) and I was going to update my Twitter status to: Just ate a microwave curry followed by 2 pints of banana milk and now I feel ill except I didn't because I was too busy actually being ill. Oops. Memo to self, do NOT drink that much milk again in the future, no matter how tasty it is at the time!

Oh and I know I was very naughty, but a lot of the energy drinks were on offer so I stocked up:

Except ignore the bottom layer, that's orange juice, I just stacked it all up so it was out of the way and THEN decided I should take a picture and I wasn't going to start over just to remove the orange juice! :) Most of this will be going to work, I should be able to make it last a month/until the next Tesco shop! Well I hope so... :)

Yes this was an insane boring/stupid entry, you should go back one and see my new phone instead, it's much more interesting... and swishy! :)

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