Tuesday 23 November 2010

What arrived in your post today?

Before I explain the title of the entry, I just wanted to pop in that I've finished reading "Kiss of Life" by Daniel Waters (the 2nd book in the Generation Dead series). The ideas behind the series is that some (but not all) teenagers are coming back from the dead and are able to do pretty much everything still, just a lot slower (it depends on the person though). They've being reintegrated back into society, but they come up against a lot of prejudice as well as some severe problems because they have no legal rights and aren't recognised as any sort of living entity. So I started reading the 2nd book and much like the 1st one, I just couldn't put it down until I'd read it all... this guy knows how to grip the audience!

The problem is that (also like the 1st book!) it ended on quite the cliff hanger... so I had to immediately start reading the 3rd book to find out what happened! It wasn't until about 4 chapters in that I felt comfortable leaving it and called it a night lol.

Back to the title of the entry though, guess what I got in the post today? :)

Yep weedkiller and labels (for printing postage on for Xmas cards etc). I thought I best put them in the same picture because a picture of weedkiller or labels is boring no matter what you try and do so I figured I might as well get both over in one go! :) But yeh, it just goes to show you really can buy anything off the Internet and thanks to Amazon Prime, even the delivery for that rather heavy weedkiller was free - Woo! :) That's not the only post I got though, I already received:

Old school eh? :) I've got quite a lot of the Rubik's puzzles (Magic is my favourite followed by the Clock), but I don't actually have a Cube - I do now! :) I know there's about a million pages on the web on how to solve this thing, but I want to try and work it out for myself, that's the fun part isn't it? :)


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