Sunday 21 November 2010

GBird and Neman day!

Lucy came round and amazingly we managed to cram in so much stuff! First of all we made nachos and watched Ponyo, which is the latest Studio Ghibli film. Both of us are big fans of their stuff and I actually have all of their films on DVD, but neither of us had seen this one yet and even though I've had it months, it's just our "thing", we can't watch latest Ghibli film until we both watch it together! It was pretty good though although the ending was a rather large "WTF?!". As always no spoilers so I can't give any details and it didn't feel like a bad ending, but a real "huh?" still, a good film! :)

After this we headed into a nearby town to look around. Neither of us had been there in years and there wasn't much to do (it was pretty small!), but Lucy managed to get a 2011 diary and both of us bought pick 'n' mix sweets! I haven't bought that stuff in about 15 years... so naturally went rather overboard - when don't I go overboard? :)

£6.74/US $10.67 worth of pick 'n' mix!

Awesome eh? It's hardly been touched yet, I'm sure it'll be eaten over the next week! Oh and interestingly, the shop was in the site of what used to be a "Woolworths" (because they went out of business) and it's replacement store is pretty much exactly the same inside and is amusingly called "Alworths" - Ha! :)

Soon after this we headed back to mine and played on Wii Party for a bit (it's great!) before ordering a chinese takeway and we watched Zoolander whilst eating it. We had 1/2 crispy aromatic duck between us for starters, although we also ordered wan tons, sesame prawn on toasts and spring rolls. It was too much and most of the spring rolls and prawn toasts weren't eaten. Boo! :( For the main course I decided on something random that I'd never had before:

Eight Treasure chicken Peking style with beef fried rice

All emptied out onto the plate

Sadly I was rather full up from everything else so hardly touched it, quite a waste I know. I picked out the chicken, but that was about it. Shame really it tasted rather nice! Lucy ordered "crispy shredded beef with orange and cointreau sauce" and she didn't like it at all. I tried it and I could see why, it just tasted... weird. The parts in the orange sauce were way too orangey and the parts not in the sauce were dull/bland, there wasn't any inbetween :( Oh well it was still yummy! :)

After Zoolander finished we decided to play on Guitar Hero 3 for a bit and it was the first time in ages for both of us and my god we're out of practice! We did a few songs on easy (that's the one using only 3 chords!) and then trying doing that Dragonforce song (yes THAT one) and even on easy... it still felt like a nightmare so we decided to call it quits for now! We moved onto Wii Homebrew and played Bubsy the Bobcat (SNES) and then Sonic the Hedgehog (Megadrive/Genesis) and then Fantastic Dizzy (Megadrive/Genesis) and then decided to watch Toy Story 3 :)

I've seen it before, but it was Lucy's first time and it's a great film. After it finished we were randomly flicking around on TV for something else to watch and then she headed back home (at which point I rushed online to update this blog!) :)

Awesome day! I wonder how many times I use the words awesome and epic in a week... :)


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