Monday 8 November 2010

The Social Network

Helen and I went to see "The Social Network" on Saturday evening, the movie about how Facebook began. Considering it's been out a few weeks now I wasn't expecting it to be very busy, but there were two hundred or so people also seeing the same showing as us. The movie itself didn't feel like it was two hours long and it kept my interest all the way through and I found it quite fascinating to watch how things had developed, assuming it's accurate that is!

One of the things I was wondering about is if Mark Zuckerberg is really as socially inept as the film made him out to be. Oh and useless bit of information, but did anyone else notice that the two Winklevoss brothers are played by the SAME actor? I know that identical twins aren't that common, but still... wouldn't it have been easier to find actual identical twins than a lot of camera trickery/body double? I also think that "they" had the best line of the film as well: "I'm six-foot-five, 220 pounds, and there's two of me" - Ha :)

Although I'd probably watch it again if it was on TV, I'm not sure it's a movie I'd ever buy on DVD because I really can't imagine anyone wanting to repeatedly watch it (it's great, but it's not THAT entertaining!) although talking of Facebook... did anyone else notice about the new feature they snuck in where you can download all your data now?

I have no idea when it appeared, but Rob at work told me about it and if you go to Facebook -> Account -> Account Settings you will see a new option for "Download your information". If you follow that through they'll zip up all your Facebook data and in a few hours they'll send you an email to let you know it's done and you can download it. Depending on how big your Facebook is will change how big the zip file is, but in my case it was 273Mb, 85Mb of that was videos and 183Mb was photos! It all unzips very nicely and you end up with a sort of text only version of your profile showing all your wall content (EVER - I can see all the way back to April 2007 when I joined!), all your messages, all your photos/videos... it really is very good for backup purposes so it might be worth taking a look at!

Back to Saturday though, after the film had finished we went into T.G.I. Friday's to get some food and thankfully there wasn't any wait and we were able to order straight away. We had the combo mixed platter between us (it said it serves 3-4 and it wasn't joking, although we gave it a good try!). I also tried lots of their non-alcoholics too which meant I ended up drinking 3 different flavour slushies as well as a "fling". They're all a bit of a rip-off because the glasses are so full of ice there's hardly any liquid in them (hence I had so many drinks!) but they were very interesting all the same:

That's the blue raspberry slushie - It was really sweet and I very much enjoyed it (except for it being rather small as mentioned above). Helen tried it and said it was much too sweet for her though :)

W both had 8oz sirloin steaks for main course and I decided to have mine with cheesy-mash instead of the usual fries that I would normally select. I didn't think the steak was that great (LOL I sound like such a food snob!) and I've certainly had better, but it was very enjoyable all the same :)

Combined with the starter being so big and the fact we'd both have popcorn whilst at the cinema we were so full up that we didn't even bother looking at the desert menu! :)

We spent the rest of the weekend watching the latest Big Bang Theory episodes including the unaired pilot, The Invention of Lying movie, an episode of My So Called Life and basically just chilling out. We also made tacos for lunch (I swear I do eat other food, honest!) and ate lots of cheesecake/gateau! (I ate the cheesecake, Helen ate the gateau)

I can't believe Tesco sell cheesecake (and double chocolate gateau) for only £1 - YAY! I dread to think at how unhealthy it is (probably even more than normal considering the cheapness of it!) but it tastes fantastic and they even have two flavours, raspberry and blackcurrant! :)


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