Wednesday 14 December 2011

Xmas came early!

This morning I was in the petrol station buying fuel (as you do!) and what do I see out of the corner of my eye...? NEW ENERGY DRINKS THAT I HAVEN'T TRIED! But not one... FOUR! FOUR! Now you can see why I think Xmas came early!

Naturally I bought all 4 and the first two are WEIRD! Energy drink espressos! They taste like cold coffee, but BETTER! I really liked them in fact! :D The lemonade flavoured one (yellow), tasted literally like lemonade so a bit boring there and I haven't tried the orange one yet, I have to leave something for tomorrow! :)

On to the Lego advent calendar and yesterday was R2-Q5:

Cool... but I wish it had been R2-D2 instead! Today's advent calendar called a bit of confusion because initially I thought it was a slightly weird looking Sandcrawler, but after some research I realised it's a Mouse Droid:

Well it looks pretty similar? :)


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