Friday 9 December 2011

I think we're going to need a bigger kitchen

Carrie's come over for the weekend and although we're off to a house warming on Saturday, the rest of the time will be spent doing important things like video games and watching tv :) I was a bit worried we wouldn't have enough food though so I had Tesco deliver some and yes it's another Tesco entry, because they amuse me! :)

Hopefully that'll get us through the weekend? :) But just in case we decided to order some takeaway food and I had a quarter pounder burger as a 12" meat feast pizza and Carrie had a chicken burger, chicken shish kebab, 9" meat feast pizza, a portion of chips and we both shared a 9" garlic bread with cheese :)

No we didn't eat it all and the majority of both pizzas are in the fridge (hence the gap in the fridge photo ready for us to put the pizzas in!), but we did eat everything else! :D I feel so sick right now, but it tasted sooooo good! :) Pizza for breakfast too, yay! :D

Moving on to the advent calendar, the one from yesterday and today go quite well, a rebel pilot and an X-wing!

The X-wing was quite a lot of pieces so I was fairly impressed with it, but I haven't bothered putting it next to reference photo because everyone knows what an X-wing looks like, right? :)


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