Monday 12 December 2011

The coolest headset you've (probably) ever seen!

I already have a nice Logitech headset that I bought back in 2007,but after an hour or so my ears feel like they might drop off. Unfortunately this happens on all over-ear headsets so you can imagine my delight when I found a headset that doesn't go over your ears... The Plantronics Audio 480 and it arrived today! I'm going to use the promo photo because there's no way I can get a photo to look anywhere near this good (believe me I tried!) and it just wouldn't do it justice!

How cool is that?! the boom microphone is actually flexible so you can angle/turn it and the little plastic clip thing points into your upper ear to keep the entire thing steady. It works really well and comes with lots of different size attachments including memory foam if you want to block out all outside sound! I'm just using the default medium for everything and it's working great!

The only possible problem that I can see is that it is obviously very geared up for speaking/voices as the bass is pretty much non-existant. That doesn't bother me as I bought it for chatting, but it might worry someone else if they were thinking of using it for music as well as chatting.

Now on to my Lego advent calendar and I have three days to show you! In order they're a Imperial Shuttle, a B1 battle droid and a a T-47 airspeeder (Snowspeeder) :)

I love how accurate these are considering the tiny size of them all. That's someone's JOB to design these... what a brilliant job! :)


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