Wednesday 7 December 2011

The Thing

I went to see "The Thing" tonight and I'm glad I did, it was great! I originally thought it was a remake of the 1982 film (which is remake of an earlier film/story), but it's actually a prequel of the events leading UP to the 1982 film! It's been a long time since I saw the 1982 film, but I'm watching it again right now and the two work really well back to back! It's not really a spoiler, but the new prequel ends where the 1982 film starts :)

If you didn't know, essentially the films are about an alien virus/lifeform that could look like anyone so not just the threat of being eaten alive, but also that it could be your friend there who does it. There were lots of bits that made me jump as well as it wasn't always the person I expected it to be so that was really refreshing as well.

Very good film with some pretty epic visual effects as well! :D

Onto the advent calendar and here's the updates from yesterday and today (they go together quite nicely!):

That's Chewbacca and a weapon/tool rack for him, but rather bizarrely, that wasn't the only thing in there because today I also found a plastic lion!

Erm?! It's made up of multiple pieces, like something you find in a Kinger Egg, but it was already assembled. Very weird... don't get that at all! Wrong calendar/someone at the factory having a joke?


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