Saturday 3 December 2011

Breaking Dawn

Last night I went to the cinema with Helen and finally got to see Breaking Dawn! Okay so minor spoilers here, but if you don't know what the story is then you probably don't really care anyway :)

I really liked that the story didn't drag at any point and the wedding speeches were the funniest thing ever, especially Bella's dad! I also really liked that Jacob's roll wasn't played down and this matches the book because the entire 2nd part is written from his perspective which was unusual because, with the exception of the Bree Tanner novella, the Twilight books are written from Bella's perspective.

The effects of the Quileute wolves were even better than in Eclipse, although they never get enough screen time for my liking. Still, there's part 2 to look forward to, even if they might not do a heck of a lot... I should also add though that the visible effect of the pregnancy on Bella was actually quite disturbing and the birth scene was a lot more gory than I expected. To be fair that's very much the same as the book which was incredibly graphic. This doesn't so much bother me, but I just assumed they'd tone it down way more for a 12A movie!

I also felt quite smug because it ended exactly where I thought it would end, but not just the position in the story, the exact scene! :) I think New Moon is probably still my favourite of the movies, but I think Breaking Dawn - Part 1 just moved into second place :) I can't wait for next year now!

On to the advent calendar and yes I'm really going to post an entry every day just to show it off! :) Day number 3 was:

Now we think that's a Droideka, but it seems to be missing the top half... perhaps that's tomorrow?


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