Thursday 1 December 2011

Harry Potter, Graze and Lego!

ZOMG so much stuff surprised me today, it was awesome!!! First of all I got to my work desk and found a parcel which I quickly unwrapped and it was:

Sorry for the bad picture, but that's the complete Harry Potter collection on Blu-ray which gets released TOMORROW. I love it when things accidentally turn up a day earlier than they're supposed to! :D

Next I opened my Graze box and although I had the usual yummy food there were some extra things, namely 2 envelopes, each containing 2 free boxes to give to someone! Also there was a snowman figure to make!

How cool is that?! :D

Changing subject, I've decided that like last year I'm going to bore everyone with what I get in my advent calendar :) Last year I had a Lego City (2824) calendar and this year I decided that was so much fun I'd get another one so I ended up buying Lego Star Wars (7958) and here's what was behind door 1!

I did some searching on Google and apparently it's a Consular-class crusier so I've pictured it next to a real one so you can see that it's fairly similar (especially since it's less than 20 pieces!). What will tomorrow bring... :)


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