Sunday 4 December 2011

Holidays are most definitely coming!

I'm not finished yet, but hopefully within a few hours *all* my postal Xmas cards will be ready to go in the post. I've got all the address labels and postage printed out (just over 100) so now I just need to finish sticking them all to envelopes, write/include the card and done!

However, it was made way more complicated than it should have been by the Royal Mail website having problem after problem. I've actually sent them an email complaining in fact. For example if you sent to an address containing an umlaut (the dots above some letters), it removed that entire line AFTER charging you... helpful! If you selected "Mr & Mrs" it would display the HTML entity on the label, not the & sign (making me look like a fool!), it would continually clear my shopping basket forcing me to do smaller batches, it would continually log me out, it would actually LOSE email receipts, if you do a big batch you have to wait up to 30 minutes to print the labels... the list goes on... :S

This isn't isolated though, they've having tons of systems problems at the moment (it's in the news), but it's not new either, my brother has to deal with the Royal Mail business site at work for our mailings and is constantly complaining about how rubbish/buggy it is and they just don't seem to care, or seem unable to sort them out :(

Anyway, postal cards will at least be mostly done today, then just the work ones to do! :D

Next topic and yes it's more Minecraft pictures, but look!!!! I was very surprised to log in and find a pretty tree outside my house (that was just a coincidence because the area there was free) and even a present under it for me too!

Awesome! And then finally I wasn't sure about posting this or not because I didn't want to sound too bigheaded, but I felt pretty chuffed with this:

The board has started over as it's a new server hence no other signs, but the number underneath is how many requests were handled in the week and the person with most requests wins that week. Not bad for my first two weeks? :) It won't be three though, I haven't logged in anywhere near enough for that, but I think I've done an adequate amount so I don't mind who wins it :)

Moving on, day 4 of the Star Wars calendar has been opened and inside was:

Once again my Star Wars guru (and his son) were able to work it out what it's supposed to be and it's a "Dwarf Spider Droid.

If only they made a "Lego Star Trek" calendar, I'd have been fine! :D


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