Friday 31 December 2010

Cardiff adventure

Yesterday I met up with the lovely Michelle and had a totally wonderful day in the process! There was some pretty evil fog and even more evil 50mph speed limits (on a motorway with no roadworks... wth?!), but I got there in the end! Soon after getting there we exchanged Xmas presents, look at all the cool things she got me:

That's a Mr. Potato Head bath/shower gel, astronaut icecream (it's freeze-dried), a Doctor Who pen with a floating TARDIS, this insanely complicated, yet cool puzzle (it's like the Rubik's cube on steroids!) and an alarm clock made by MENSA that won't stop making noise until you SOLVE A PUZZLE. It's like "Simon Says" and it'll display a sequence of colours and you have to play them back in the same order. Get one wrong and the alarm goes off again and volume gets louder... and the sequence length? You get a choice between 5, 8 or *13* - Yes that's 13 colours you have to remember/play back - Good grief! I suspect I'll have a problem sleeping through that one!!! All some pretty epic gifts, she knows me well! :P

So anyway after a while we headed towards the bay area and the nearby Frankie and Benny's to have a meal. I had a garlic pizza bread and the 12oz BBQ double cheese burger (2 x 6oz burgers) and here's what I looked like when it arrived as well as a close up of it:

My expression says it all really doesn't it? :) Notice the Diet Coke bottle as well, I love Diet Coke out of a bottle (even though they still they gave a glass+ice which I didn't use!) Here's Michelle with her food:

I'm sure she's going to kill me for that second picture (even though I think it's a lovely picture!), but it has to be included because... look at her ketchup... haha do you think I was distracting her a bit there? :) She was trying to send me that photograph above of myself with the burger and we were trying to do it with the "Bump" application. The idea is that you're supposed to both activate it and "bump" your phones together, sending whatever data you've selected. Well the theory sounds really good, but in reality? Don't bother. It took absolutely ages for me to download/install the application (rubbish mobile signal) and then we're both running/connected... and bumping our phones... and nothing. In fact we're smashing them together so hard I was starting to fear for our hardware! We found the sensitivity setting and it would actually bump now, but still no match:

We gave up and I just said to use good ol' Bluetooth and sure enough within 30 seconds we've paired the phones together and she's sent the files. I do think that the idea of Bump is cool... but in reality... just use Bluetooth! :) After we were completely full up we headed into the actual bay area and I took some pictures so I'll let the captions explain these:

View looking out of the bay

Super cool tree!

Me on the Torchwood entrance stone!

Oval basin in Roald Dahl Plass

Michelle with a tree behind her (obviously!)

Wales Millennium Centre

Some funky fountains

I've been to the Torchwood entrance stone before, but this time there was actually a bit of a QUEUE! Other people were already on it, all taking photographs... I bet the Cardiff people must laugh at all us tourits! :) After this we headed to the nearby Starbucks for my FIRST EVER STARBUCKS:

That's me holding a Peppermint Mocha with cream. I had no idea what it was at the time, it just sounded cool and it really was! Except Michelle said it's also only a limited edition one for Xmas so in the event I go back again I'll have to find something new to drink!

Then finally we headed back to the car and Michelle's house before I headed home, but not before the obligatory Car Photo™:

I have no idea what that rainbow is on my face, but it was there on every photo (moved around obviously!), but oh well! :) So yep I headed back home after a lovely day in Wales! Thank you Michelle! :)


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