Sunday 26 December 2010

Xmas day

To sum it up really quickly, I had a fantastic Xmas. Great food, fantastic fmaily and some truely epic gifts! :)

Xmas tree with lots of presents under it!

About to eat, notice the blue theme!

Not really related, but my brother's Darth Vader build-a-bear

To keep with the blue theme, we were all drinking WKD... classy!

Awesome robot USB hub - Thanks Erica!

Epic rubber band powered plane - Thanks Vee!

Playing "Thoughts and Crosses"

Playing "Name Dropping"

Everything I received - How lucky am I?!

As you can see I got a rather good "haul" and the full alphabetical list is: 10-port powered USB hub, 101 Things to do to become a superhero book, Chocolate santa, Chocolate selection box, Chronicles of Narnia (all 7 books in one volume), Crazy Frog/Annoying thing towel, Doctor Who hologram maker, Doll House Blu-ray (seasons 1 and 2), Flying saucer sweet IN a flying saucer shell, Grow your own crystals, Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego game, Kinder Egg santa, Kitchen towels, Lebkuchen, Mini deoderant sprays, Mini Kite, Money candles (look like bank notes), Penance DVD, Popping Candy Chocolate Orange, Purple Ronnie game, Race 3000 Lego game, Remote control robot, Robot USB Hub, Rubber band powered plane, Rubik's slide game, Showergel, Socks, Sunflower plant in gel, Sweets, T-Bag series 1 DVDs (80's kids show), Thirty Days has September (book on improving memory), Timecrimes DVD, TinTin volume 3, Town called Eureka DVDs (seasons 1 and 2), Warehouse 13 series 1 DVDs - So yeh... WOW! I feel very fortunate right now! :)

A really good day and the best part is... I get to go back over my parents house again tomorrow for more awesome food/games - Yay! :) Hope everyone else had a great day too!


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