Friday 3 December 2010

Finally some snow and the Lego instructions

To my annoyance the rest of the UK has snow and I seemed to be the only place without any... but finally about midnight yestewrday it started snowing for ~3 hours. Here's a picture I took at 5am:

Sadly it wasn't very thick and it's mostly gone now. Well the roads are all clear and snow on grass/gravel is pretty much all that's left. Pathetic eh? I want more! I want so much snow I have to dig my car out! (well possibly not, but you get what I mean!) I want enough snow that I can build a snow-person with anyway! :D

Oh and you remember how yesterday I complained about the lack of instructions to build the Lego figure inside my advent calendar? Well erm... I found them:

How embarrassing is that!? It's just because the door was facing away from where it is on my desk I didn't see it! D'oh! So swiftly moving on... here was what was behind door number 2:

According to the "instructions" he's only supposed to be holding 1 sword, but like yesterday he came with spare parts... namely a total of 3 swords and 2 caps!!! :)


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