Monday 3 January 2011

New Year

For "New Year" myself, Richard, Vicky and Andy all headed to our friend Andy's house (that wasn't a typo, there's two people named Andy) and partied the night away! Well... actually that is only true if by partying you can accept a definition of great friends, Nerf guns, Wii Party, Uno Stacko (Uno combined with Jenga) and not a lot of alcohol! Haha we're obviously getting old! :) Okay I'll explain more!

Richard bought Andy and myself some pretty beefy Nerf guns (they fire sponge bullets although they still sting) along with lots of additional ammo, some of which even make cool whistling noises as they flew through the air!!!

Don't mess with Richard!

Are you sure that's such a good idea Andy?

Then we played on the Wii for a bit, specifically Wii Party and that took us up to midnight and the New Year countdown!!!

Wii Party!

Happy New Year!

Vicky and Andy got me a "Uno Stacko" which is Jenga combined with Uno and it was brilliant! It's essentially Jenga in that you have to remove a block and put it on the top, but because because it has Uno type rules, it controls the criteria about WHICH block you're allowed to remove (has to match a specific colour or a certain number) which greatly reduces the blocks you can choose from! As such it caused much amusement and we were playing it until AFTER 4.30am in the morning!!!

Uno Stacko


Totally brilliant evening!! :)


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