Wednesday 15 December 2010

Tyres & tracking

One of my tyres has been looking a bit flat for the last... week :)

It's not actually as bad as it looks because they're low profile tyres and even fully inflated it doesn't look much higher off the ground (front tyre/engine weight), but it's still a lot lower than it should be! The problem was the cut bit which I've arrowed which apparently was a slow puncture.

I went to the nearby tyre place today to ask them to look at it and they confirmed it needed to be replaced and one of the rears was also low so we did some swapping (offside front moved to nearside rear) and then I had a new set of tyres put on the front :) For £90 EACH. Eugh. I also asked them to look at the tracking because I always get this done with new tyres and sure enough it was completely out:

No they weren't literally facing like that (it'd be like driving a clown car!!), but as you can see the top two were facing right and the bottom left is facing left. They've fixed the top ones (I'm front wheel drive so that's the main thing!), but they can't fix the back one, it'll need a new wheel bearing. I've got to do a car service in about a month as well as it's first ever MOT is coming up so I'll get the bearing changed then (and probably a new set of tyres for the rear, until today both rear tyres were originals that came with the car, 2 and half years ago!)

So two hours later and with £202 I drove away, but at least my cars back to full health - Yippee!!

Oh and I recently changed my car headlights. Yes writing a post about tyres was bad enough, but Devin was disappointed there was nothing about my changing my car headlights at the time I changed them so here's me mentioning it... :)


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