Saturday 25 December 2010

Pre-Christmas celebrations

On Christmas Eve I spent the evening over Lucy and Andy's and had loads of fun! First of all we exchanged pressies and they got me some really cool things, namely a "101 Things to Do to Become a Superhero (or evil genius)" book (same series as 101 things to do before you die etc!), this cool Doctor Who hologram chamber (it's all done with mirrors, but it looks like the TARDIS or an Adipose is floating in mid air, it's really good!) as well as a cool reomte control robot that required a lot of assembly before use! Check out the robot!

Unfortunately about 5 minutes after having it fully built/running all over the floor/making noises I pulled it towards me and the arm broke off in my hand - EEP! I don't think it was actually me (I'm very careful about plastic toys - Hello expensive Transformers!!!) and I think just a flaw in the plastic, but thankfully it's nothing that couldn't be fixed with a tiny blob of superglue and sure enough it's good as new (as you can see in the picture which was taken after repairing!) :)

Lucy's brother Phil was also there so the 4 of us paired up (Andy and myself vs Lucy and Phil) and played the Cranium game that I'd previously bought Andy for his birthday:

It really looked like Andy and myself were going to win as we were miles ahead... and then Lucy and Phil just came out of nowhere and blitzed past us to victory! Still, even though we lost, it was a lot of fun! :)

After this we broke out the Wii and played some Mario Kart, some Sonic the Hedgehog and even some classic Mario!

Ah 8-bit Mario... :) Although to be completely honest Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo was/will always be my favourite! :) Finally it got to 11pm and I headed off home since it was a bit of a drive and the roads are evil and icy at the moment :(

Finally just wanted to finish this post by showing the personalised card that I was sending out this year (and considering this blog isn't that big most of the people reading this probably already have the real thing!):

I'll probably go back to a coded message again next year, although I intend on making a it a lot easier as only 2 people got the 2009 one (or at least only 2 people were bored/crazy enough to try and work it out!!!) :)

Hope everyone has a great day!


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