Monday 27 December 2010

Boxing day

I didn't really explain yesterday, but yesterday when I went over my parents for Xmas, as did my brother and our aunt+uncle. Today for the midday meal it was still my parents and brother, but my brother's girlfriend and her mother came over instead. Our aunt and uncle joined us all in the evening though for the evening meal and more games! I'll just do lots of photos again to explain what went on!

Midday meal (turkey pie!)

Playing "Rapidough" (Pictionary, but with playdough)

"Spot the Intro" game, music based and although quite long, it was a lot of fun!

Evening meal

The (yummy) Xmas cake that mum made

Three Hexbug Nano Habitat sets that we bought Dad (with all 6 bugs)

Trainset we bought dad for his birthday now fully assembled

In the evening we played "Thoughts and Crosses" again (see previous entry) and then most people (including me) headed home. Fantastic two days! :)


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