Saturday 28 May 2011

WiFi scales

I've probably bought my weirdest gadget yet... WiFi Bathroom Scales! I've seen them before and thought they were more of a gimic, but I didn't realise how much they can actually do and then I realised how useful they could be. First some lovely pictures:

Sorry that I've used promo photos and not my own, but I did try and eventually gave up. It was just really hard to take a decent pictures because it's so reflective.

As you can see it's a pretty snazzy (the 2nd picture is used on the box and makes it very "Apple" looking!) and yet although it's very shiny/reflective, it DOESN'T seem to smudge easily (i.e. fingerprints/footprints) which is just bizarre, yet very cool at the same time!

Right so the obvious question is "WHY?!" and the answer is simple - Convenience! Now as part of my morning routine I can just hop on the scales for it to register my weight/bmi/fat percentage and then just carry on with my day. I don't even need to look at the screen or remember what it said because as soon as it takes the readings it transmits them by WiFi to my account on the manufacturers website and then also sends a push notification to my phone. I can then access all this data via the app on my phone (Android or iPhone only) or log into the website and there's all my data with graphs, trends and all that stuff!

Yeh I used more promo shots, but I think it helps to give you an idea! :) Now to be fair this isn't anything you can't do with a spreadsheet and a bit of manual effort on your part or just use a Wii Fit, although that requires powering it up, loading the software, do the body test... blah blah. 10 seconds on this thing and I'm done :)

Talking of the Wii Fit, I admit it was a bit tricky, but I was able to get my data off out of Wii Fit and then reformatted into a CSV file and imported it in and now my Scales have valid data going back over 2 years, awesome! :)

And if it wasn't cool enough already, you can have it set up to put your weight on TWITTER every time you use it (or daily/weekly), it can also send the data to Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault, custom websites or just export it in a variety of formats...

Cool eh?! :)


  1. Those so cool :) I want them!
    Where did you get those from? How much are we looking at?

  2. I got them from Firebox for £119.99!