Saturday 7 May 2011

Paultons Park

Last week my friend Helen and I went to Paultons Park for the day! It's a small theme park in the New Forest, Hampshire and I should probably add how much the lack of an apostrophe in the name really bugs me! (It's not there on ANY official literature)

We decided that it'd be better to go when it was quite as possible so I took the day off work and we even cross referenced it with the Hampshire education board to make sure that the secondary school kids would be back at school after the Easter break... and they were... but I forgot about primary school kids... D'OH! The place was absolutely heaving with small kids and we were probably the only people there who hadn't bought kids... oh well! :)

After a lengthy queue we finally got inside and we decided straight away to get some food as it was about 12.30pm by now so we stopped in the first restaurant whilst it was still mostly empty and had some cornish pasties, chips and beans - Yum! We studied the map and decided to head towards the main attractions to ideally get on them whilst it wasn't too busy... we needn't have worried. Although there were tons of small kids, they were largely in a completely different part of the park (Peppa Pig World) which was more their age group. As such when we got to the first ride (Flume ride) we could walk pretty much straight on, even the rollercoaster only had a 3 minute wait and everything we tried all day was pretty much like this!

More fun that it looks, honest!

So when we got to the logflume we were like "Oh..." because let's face it, it's hardly big. The fact you can see it all in one picture demonstrates this! However, whilst going round it we were like "there's no way we'll get very wet..." and we got absolutely soaked on the FIRST smaller drop... so as you might imagine the second drop might as well have just poured water on top of us! :) They also have these awesome machines that you can stand in to dry you out:

£2 and this machine will heat blast you dry!

Because it was quite a hot day we didn't bother and we next went on the chair swing ride which did dry us out (it was actually faster/higher than expected so that was a nice surprise!). And then next we queued up for the Go Karts and this is the only place where we had to wait about 10 minutes to get on.

Fire Red Shell!

To be honest the Go Karts were quite disappointing, the track wasn't brilliant and the fact they all ran at exactly the same speed made overtaking pretty much impossible. Whoever started in first, stayed in first. In fact it took me about 10 laps to actually advance ONE position (by cutting someone up lol), so I was quite pleased with that! :D Onto the rollercoaster we go next...

The Cobra

This was actually pretty terrifying, but for all the wrong reasons! You hurtle round this small track with some insanely sharp corners and some huge bumps where you feel like you're going into orbit and the whole time you actually feel slightly worried you might actually come off as it's so violent in the way it jerks you around! Well it can't have been that bad as we went on it twice and the second time we had extra people in the car and their weight must have helped as we FLEW around the track - Was epic!

Didn't we do this already?

There's a dinosaur valley section which looked pretty much like the dinosaurs at Wookey Hole 3 entries back, so much so that we were starting to wonder if there's a company that actually MAKES dinosaur models maybe? And then next we came across a mini golf with a gold mine theme and I made Helen play it again, but it was pretty much exactly the same as the golf course at Wookey Hole... well completely different in looks, but the design/style/materials and even the edging of each hole, all the same! I think the same company did this one too, especially since afterwards you can choose to go GOLD PANNING as well! We gave that a miss this time!

Helen just finished a hole


After exploring some more we came across some wallabies, or at least we think we did. They were all the way in the distance, no where near the fence. I hate to compare, but at Longleat there ARE no solid barriers and they happily hop around in front of you/cross the path all the time :P

Not as good as Longleat!!!

We queued up for the massive water slide thing (they give you a dinghy) and flew down it at quite high speed, although if you blinked it was over before you even realised!! Still lots of fun and if you look in the picture you can see all the people, that's because we're on the very edge of Peppa Pig World... be scared!


As mentioned at the top of this entry everyone was in Peppa Pig World, but we had to go in there as that's where the Meerkats were...


The ducks rotate, this made me laugh!

So after fighting our way through we got to the meerkats and they were quite amusing, but (and I'm sorry to say) Longleat is better and I think Helen was a little disappointed as well as she'd been looking forward to seeing them. They just weren't really that close and likewise their habitat isn't very interesting. In Longleat now they literally run across the path in front of you (like the wallabies) so of course when they're that close, that's just better!!

It's Alexander!

We were pretty much done now, but I decided I wanted to go on the "Edge" ride. Initially we both hadn't bothered because it looked absolutely nuts (it goes backwards and forwards and up and down whilst SPINNING as well!) and I was sure I would feel sick after it, but since this was to be the last ride... so we headed over there and I got on straight away and strapped myself in...

Can you spot me?

I'm on the right, in the black shirt, pretty much in the centre and my head is turned to the right. It wasn't actually as bad as I thought it'd be, in fact, it was quite enjoyable! Bit bizarre as first as it kept moving/zooming all over the place, but the only problem I was having were my contact lenses drying out by all the wind rushing at them!!! :)

After this headed out and back home, but I leave you with a ride picture of us on the Cobra (from our second time with more people in the car):

The Cobra

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


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