Wednesday 4 May 2011

Scream 4 and Insidious

Sucker Punch

I know I didn't mention this in the title, but yes I watched it at the cinema for the THIRD time. I've already mentioned it twice before so I won't say much other than it's still very much a film you either love or hate.

1st time: OMG What the heck is going on? (until end anyway!)
2nd time: Enjoy/understand film better, look for bits I missed
3rd time: Just enjoy all the fabulous CG sequences and all the slow-mo action scenes!

But three times was enough, I'll wait for the home release now :)

Scream 4

I remember watching Scream 1 in the cinema way back in 1996 and that infamous scene with Drew Barrymore and her popcorn and of course her grisly ending and THAT WAS JUST THE OPENING SCENE! Whilst the idea of a serial killer was hardly new, the way Scream did it (to me) seemed new and original. The suspense felt real as did the actual plot. Whilst being very hard to kill, without giving away any of the plot, the killer wasn't some supernatural entity, but just a guy in a costume. Although I don't know why I'm trying not to spoil the ending of Scream 1 because if you haven't seen it already then you probably aren't going to be interested in Scream 4!)

So anyway, whilst the other two films weren't as good, I very much enjoyed the entire series and thought that as a trilogy it wrapped up nicely, even if it did in parts seem very implausable. So when I heard they were bringing out a 4th film I was expecting the worst (look at Indiana Jones 4....), but I'm glad to say that this wasn't the case at all! I felt the story was genuinely good and although I'd (correctly) predicted the ending less than halfway through the film, I was still hooked all the way through!

I've heard that there's a strong likelyhood there's going to be a Scream 5 and Scream 6 as well! This was the plan based on if Scream 4 did well and Wes Craven is contracted in if they do, so although Scream 4 didn't exactly storm the box office, it's still well in profit so I can't see them not doing the others!


Watched this earlier this evening and OMG it's jumpy! It seems to have very mixed reviews, but I thought it was very good. It seemed like it was a mixture of about 8 other films merged together and again I predicted the ending around half-way through, but I'm starting to think that perhaps I watch too many movies so that's just my fault!

My only complaints would be: A) The title - Just because it's a weird word to spell! B) The lack of ceiling lights in the the houses, seriously is that normal? I've been in houses where the owners PREFER to use lamps, but I don't think I've been in a modern house that didn't have central lights. In this film whenever something spooky happened they had to run round turning on lamps... You'd think they'd get ceiling lights installed with easy switches eh? C) The same "stupidity" that's evident in pretty much all horror films - You know the "hear a very creepy noise and something weird happens, but still go and investigate rather than get some backup first...).

Apart from that, I really enjoyed it and it felt genuinely creepy. On the right of me were two girls who were initially very annoying because they were talking loudly even after the film started (you want to talk in the trailers or adverts that's fine, but please keep your conversation in the actual movie to a bare minimum!), but within 5 minutes they'd stopped talking... However, every now and then on some of the scenes they'd actually SCREAM and make ME jump, so in the end it turned out that having them there was really good and actually added to the experience - I didn't predict that!

So if you want to see a good horror movie, I'd recommend trying this one, parts of it are so implausable it's laughable, but yeh... I'm mincing words now so I'll shut up :)


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