Sunday 15 May 2011

Lots of otters and lots of food!

On Saturday I went to see my lovely friend Sarah! We headed to the "New Forest Wildlife Park" and although it was quite empty, we arrived at the same time as what must have been a school field trip. Before you go in there's a sign saying that there aren't any toilets inside and so the school teacher was asking the kids if they needed to go then they should go now and Sarah thought it quite hilarious to ask me in the same tone of the voice! :P

The wildlife park itself wasn't really that big and we easily did it in under 2 hours and that was without hurrying either, but it was still good fun. Here's some of the pictures:

There were loads of owls!

Sadly the butterfly area didn't really have very many butterflies

We could get quite close to the otters

THE deer...

About now I should probably stop and explain the deer because we walked into the deer enclosure and they really were very tame and one pretty much walked straight over... and tried to eat my shirt :S and then tried to eat my shoe laces... erm! So as you can imagine I was trying to gently push this deer off me (which isn't really easy as they're quite big!) whilst Sarah is laughing her head off at this because as soon as I'd get him off my shoe laces he'd go back to the shirt etc :) In the end I had to employ a "shove and run" tactic at which point he ran off towards the school children just entering the area, although since he was about the size of most of them, I hope he didn't eat anyone... we didn't stick around to find out :P

Water Vole

Are you looking at me?

This pond was so THICK a bird was even walking on it at one point

One of the many different otter areas

There's loads of otters!

It's the Twilight forest outside Edward's window!

The boar had their own "wood"

The picture doesn't convey how big this guy was!

The wallaby didn't want to face us :(

After we came out they had a small restaurant there although there wasn't a lot of food choices so we decided to go somewhere else. After a few moments of debating, Sarah had the idea for Pizza Hut and instantly we both had that stuck in our mind so I grabbed the SatNav and quickly put in "TAKE US TO THE NEAREST PIZZA HUT!" (which was in Southampton, 4 miles away).

Off we drove and after navigating traffic and parking we walked the short distance to the Pizza Hut. It was only just gone 12pm so it was still just filling up and we got a seat without a problem - Woo! On the way there we'd past a Shakeaway and decided we would go there afterwards so we decided to just have massive pizzas (and box the rest to take home!) and skip starters/desert. We each had a Large "Cheesy Bites" pizza (The edge breaks off in chunks with cheese inside each bit) and we had the "Super Supreme" toppings which are spicy pork sausage, pepperoni, spicy beef sausage, red onions, whole black olive, sliced ham, mushrooms and mixed peppers. However, Sarah swapped her black olives for jalepenos and I left mine alone, but also added jalepenos and anchovies. Useless fact, but I used to have anchovies every now and then, but all of a sudden I've started adding them "as standard" on my pizzas. They're really salty (is that actual salt or just a salt-like taste?), but they seem to go really well with the meat pizzas especially - or at least I think so!

I managed 5/8 of mine and Sarah finished off 1/2 of hers. I hadn't really eaten since the previous day so I'm pretty sure I could have just about managed the last few pieces, but I wanted room for my Shakeaway!!! Okay so explaining about this (because I'd never even heard of it before so I imagine that other people might not know it either), Shakeaway basically turn whatever you want, into a milkshake! Well assuming it's on the menu anyway, although if you click that last link you'll see it's pretty extensive!!! I originally tried to get a bakewell tart milkshake, but they didn't have any (boo!) so in the end I decided on Cadbury's Chocolate Mini Rolls with Lime and Orange Tic Tacs and popping candy on top! It tasted fantastic although you couldn't really taste the lime. It was more like chocolate orange, but with the added bonus of popping candy with EVERY mouthful - Brilliant!!

I definitely want to go again as there's so many things there I want to try and I'm thinking the next one should be one of the flavoured cheesecakes with Skittles and Jelly Tots! :) Sounds terrible I know, but I reckon it'll be really good!! After this we were both completely full up so I dropped Sarah back at her house and headed home myself - A great morning/afternoon!

I didn't stay at home long though, because after speaking to Helen I headed over to Swindon to see her new house (as in she moved in that morning!) and it was pretty easy to find. She showed me round it and it's HUGE although she's supposed to have housemates, but hasn't seen them... in fact after speaking to her the next day and she still hasn't seen anyone, I'm convinced she has the whole house to herself! :) So although I had that massive pizza and Shakeaway about 7 hours ago we still headed out to get some food and decided to just pick a restaurant at random and if we don't like it we'll just never go there again (that sounded like a good idea anyway?) and we ended up in "Biplob" which is an Indian restaraunt. We had the mixed platter for starters which was assortment of chicken tikka, sheek kebab, onion bhaji and chicken pakura and it was quite yummy. For the main course I had "Chakmai chicken" with basmati rice and Helen had the "Biplob Supreme" (chicken breast stuffed with minced lamb) with garlic Nan bread. Oh and some poppadums with the little tray of stuff they come with.

Chakmai chicken

I don't really eat in Indian restaurant enough to know what I'm supposed to have the dishes with (for example, was I suppose to have my chicken dish with rice or Nan bread or both or what?), although I don't think it would make a lot of difference even if I did know because with Chinese (for example) I still always order rice with a noodle dish, much to the amusement of everyone around me! :)

The food tasted fantastic, but unfortunately I was totally full up by now and simply unable to eat it all so ate most of the chicken, but left loads of rice. I had to apologise to the waiter and point out that there was nothing wrong with the food at it was fantastic, but that I'd eaten way too much for lunch and I was disappointed that I couldn't eat more. He laughed.

We went back to her house and went to see what was on TV... EUROVISION. Eugh. And to make it worse... she made me watch it!! I grabbed my phone and updated Facebook with:

I'm such a great friend I know :P We didn't actually watch Eurovision for very long though and switched over to "Have I Got News for You" and after that finished I headed back home.

A fantastic day out, although perhaps a bit too much food!! :)


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