Tuesday 3 May 2011

Candy Floss Wine Glasses

Technically there should be an "and" in the title of this entry, but it seemed much more interesting to leave it out! Right so, guess what my latest random purchases are? Okay so you probably already guessed so I'll jump straight in with photos:

I now own a candy floss maker and it's bright pink! I could actually have gotten it in white, but (not surprisingly!) I don't actually own anything that's pink and I thought for a candy floss maker that pink was the ideal colour! Oh and if you didn't realise, that's sat on a desk at work... :) What you don't have a candy floss maker at your work? (and a Robosapien peeking in at the corner because I haven't taken him back home yet).

Here's the really shocking part though... IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Like really works! You have to let it heat up for 5-10 minutes and then you just pour in the sugar mix (you can use flavoured sugar or just regular caster sugar) and within seconds wisps of sugar fly out and you can start catching them to make a candy floss. My first attempt was pretty pathetic, but I soon got the hang of it and was able to produce a fairly decent looking one! They're obviously not as big as the ones you get at the fairground (the unit is about 4 times smaller than those ones!) but you can just make more since it takes mere seconds and it's fun! It's not even that much hassle to clean either... epic! :D

Moving on to the next random purchase... wine glasses! I recently broke another wine glass (cheap thin glass I reckon!) which left only one proper glass so I went on a mission to find some new glasses. Nearly straight away I found these cool glasses on Amazon which were in funky colours and were made of POLYCARBONATE and as such nearly indestructible and I was like OMG COOL! If nothing else the idea of indestructible wine glasses sounded cool and the fact they were made of something which sounded a lot like the carbonite that Han Solo was frozen in... how could I not get them?

So although they are insanely colourful, have you spotted the problem? It turns out that apparently polycarbonate is another word for PLASTIC - BOO! Maybe everyone else already worked that out without needing to buy them, but I was a little disappointed. I'm still keeping them, but I'm off shopping again for actual glass glasses!


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