Thursday 19 May 2011

The "Broken" chair

Okay so this is going to be sound very random but it's made me laugh so I just had to mention it! There was a broken chair at work so someone had put a sign on it saying that it was broken (probably so no one tried to use it and killed themselves in the process...) but then someone else saw that and added an elastic band with a note of "broken elastic band" and then someone else added "broken paper" with a torn bit of paper (okay that was mine and I admit it wasn't really that great, but I didn't really spend any time on it!)

But then throughout Thursday it seems that more and more people added to it and by the end of the day it looked like:

I know you can't really make out the notes, but from the top left going across and down: Broken tinman (it's a screw), broken elastic band, broken heart (with person), broken dreams (slightly deflated air cushion using as a packing material), broken paper, broken nail (yes it appears to be a real nail... eugh!) and broken tree... haha :)

I dread to think what it'll look like when I go in on Friday, but I'm quite excited too! :)

And in completely unrelated news, check out the world smallest jacket potato!!!

Okay I doubt it's the worlds smallest, but I was bored okay? :)


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