Monday 30 May 2011

Burnout Paradise

Every now and then I play Burnout Paradise which is a car driving game. As you'd expect it has races, but there's also challenges and stunts and other things. It also has an online mode where you can play against/with other people.

However, the most fun is that when you cause someone to crash (a "Takedown") it takes a picture with their webcam and sends it to you. Normally these are people giving you the finger, but the expression on this kid is just priceless...

LOL!! To be fair I think he was probably quite amazed because I was driving a formula one car at the time and everyone knows that it's insanely fast BUT it's pretty much made of paper, the slightest touch and you crash and I think he couldn't understand how come I was getting so many takedowns on him (partly luck, but partly just where you hit them).

I must stop annoying the children... :)


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