Sunday 1 August 2010

Games day with Vanessa

The title has probably has already summed up what this is going to be about, but if not, I spent Sunday playing games with the wonderful Vanessa. We'd spoke last week about meeting up again and since she only lives about 2 hours from me a little daytrip sounded like a fun idea.

I got there just after 1pm and after chatting to her and her boyfriend Michael for a while we decided to play my Labyrinth board game. Unfortunately I hadn't explained one of the rules very well and Vanessa spent the whole game thinking she had less options than she actually had (i.e. playing at a disadvantage) and I didn't realise what she was doing until right near the end. Oops! Thankfully she didn't hold it against me and made us all lovely toasted baguette sandwhich things!

I say "things", because I'm not quite sure what they were, I just know they tasted fantastic and I remember her saying something about having cheese and onion on them :) Vanessa and Michael's friend Tim arrived and we all sat down to play Monopoly City. It's the latest version of Monopoly and I quite like it as it's "faster" than the classic version, although obviously classic is probably still the best. The main difference with this one is that you build two categories of buildings inside the middle of the board and there are good and bad things you can add to each district. It's hard to explain, but it's good. Vanessa kept landing on "Chance" so only ended up with 1 property so she maxed that out (we dubbed it V-Towers due to the shape)... and I landed on it. I simply didn't have the $14 million I needed and as such she got all my properties and looked like she was now sure to win:

That was her VERY gleeful face after being given lots of properties and realising she was in a very good position now. It was all going really well too... until Michael got a "Chance" card which STOLE V-Towers (!) and then the real kicker was when Vanessa landed on it not once, but twice pretty much bankrupting herself in the process and after that it was only a matter of time before Michael won. It was fun, but we were all glad when it ended, it's amusing how all versions of Monopoly have that effect!

Look up in the top right corner and see the two blue towers with buildings between them, that was "V-Towers". We'd had enough games so we went to the TV and Forgetting Sarah Marshall was on so we all watched that. After this finished Vanessa made us some yummy pasta and I briefly played some sort of Olympic Games game with Michael on the PS3 (I wasn't very good at it sadly!) and then we watched the last 20 mintues of "G-Force" (WTH?!) and then an episode of Top Gear (I think that's the 3rd episode I've ever seen?). It was then like 10.30pm so time for the obligatory photo before heading home!

I like how it looks like that rose is coming out of my head! A fantastic day and really hope to meet up soon for more fun!


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