Tuesday 17 August 2010

Why TomTom are amazing

I've been using the TomTom satellite navigation products for many years now and I've had their Windows Mobile version on my phone, the GO 910 and my current GO 950 and I couldn't be happier with them. They might not be the cheapest, but they always get me to my destination without any hitches and although that's probably the most important thing, the other reason I really like them is that they have fantastic customer support.

I've contacted them a few times in the past to ask general queries as well as query their services and I've always had a prompt and helpful reply. So many companies seem to give you back an automated reply that has nothing to do with the question you actually asked... but not TomTom! Until now I've never had a problem with the hardware, but thankfully it their process for fixing it was is just as smooth.

Last week I unplugged my car charger to lend it to a friend and as I did so it fell apart in my hands. It looked like part of the plastic holding it together had a weakness and had broken under the stress of the spring loaded mechanism, or at least that's what I assume happened! I was annoyed, but these things happen so I was all ready to buy another car charger until the same friend pointed out that it was obviously a defect with the hardware so why don't I contact TomTom about it. Consider a new official car charger is about £18 I figured I certainly had nothing to lose.

I explained the problem and attached a photo to show the fault and later that same day they replied back asking for my serial number and a copy of my receipt. I provided these and then they asked for my details for where to send a new car charger. Yep, it was that smooth! I didn't even need to return the broken one (I guess it wasn't worth their while since they'd seen the picture) and sure enough a few days later I received a brand new working charger.

Now that is customer service for you and that is why I keep recommending them to anyone who will listen! Thank you TomTom!


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