Sunday 8 August 2010

Dad's 60th birthday

My Dad turned 60 this weekend and we went out for a meal with the the immediate family (Dad, Mum, myself, brother and my brother's girlfriend) and then there was a bit of a party on Saturday night. Mum's been planning the party for about 6 months and he had no idea until she told him the day before and apparently he's been talking about it non-stop so it looks like he had a good time - Yay! I'll put up a selection of pictures so you can see what went on!

Meal - I have a steak and it was yummy!

Card that I had made for Dad

We bought him T-gauge trainset (450:1 scale) - it's TINY!)

Up and running, see the 50p coin for an idea of the size!

Dad - We made him wear the hat as much as possible!

Cutting the cake

There were *6* people called Alan there, so here's my Dad with all 6!

The party in full swing!

Happy birthday Dad!


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