Friday 30 July 2010

Frankie and Benny's

Carrie, Chris, Vix and myself had planned to go to the all-you-can eat Chinese, however we got there and found it was closed - D'oh! Infact it wasn't just closed, it looked like it was out of business, which was really weird considering all the tables had cutlery laid out! After some debating about what to do, we decided to go in the nearby Frankie and Benny's instead (Italian-American restaurant) and it was great!

Chris and Vix

We ordered a combo-platter as a starter so we all had a bit of everything and that arrived fairly quickly... however we had to wait absolutely ages for our main meal. Still, I don't think anyone at our table was that bothered although it wasn't just us and there were problems all round the restaurant. For example they ran out of ice because the ice making machine broke down which meant no cocktails for anyone... but hey I was drinking Diet Coke from a glass bottle which was chilled so I didn't really care :)

Check out my double BBQ burger - Yum!

I hadn't eaten all day as I was expecting to be going to an all-you-can-eat Chinese so naturally I picked the biggest meat product on the menu. It was worth the wait and filled me up completely. Before leaving a few of us visited the restroom which was a source of a major amusement as there's a "voice" in there teaching you phrases in Italian. After Chris came back from there he bought each of us a portable toothbrush which were on sale from the machine in there:

Bizarre eh?! We all tried them out and you sort of hook it over your teeth and then just start chewing and there's like a minty flavour thing and it's weird, but I actually think it sort of worked... until the point I started eating the plastic itself - Oops! :)

It was about 11pm by now, but we weren't ready to go home so we went into the nearby Bowlplex to see what arcade games they had and found Mario Kart GP 2!

The Mario Kart arcade games are great because aside from the usual Mario Kart characters, it's the same chaos where player positions change in the blink of an eye and it combines it with taking your picture at the start so you can laugh at everyones photos!

Whilst playing air hockey with Chris I got a bit carried away and I sent the puck flying off the table not once... but twice and the second time it whizzed past some guys. As we retrieved it I apologised for making them jump thinking they'd find it amusing too, but one of them started shouting about how I was very lucky that it hadn't hit him in the head or he'd have sued me and kept repeating this... we retrieved the puck, ignored them and carried on with our game. Chris won, boo :P

Next we played on "Guitar Hero":

I've never actually seen one in an arcade and I had no idea they even existed, but we had a go on it and tried "Paranoid" by "Black Sabbeth". I haven't played in absolutely ages so insisted that we play on easy and soon regreted it as it it was a bit too easy:

I was player 2 and didn't miss a single note, but I think Chris probably only missed the one so it was actually a lot closer than it looks (by just missing one note his multiplier would have dropped requiring him to build it back up giving me a clear gap). After this Chris had a go on the pinball machine before we went outside, said our goodbyes and headed home. A fantastic evening out! :)


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