Wednesday 18 August 2010

USB Plasma Ball

My two desks at work are pretty much a disaster area and you can hardly see any desk at it's covered in "stuff". Paperwork, packaging, optical media, etc... but aside from the chaos it does include lots of cool little things (Avenging Unicorn, Sunshine Buddy, Solar Turbine, USB Fridge, USB Panic Button, digital photo frame, etc...) and now it's joined by my latest toy... a USB powered Plasma Ball!

How freakin' cool is that?! Admittedly when it's BRIGHT sunlight it's hard to see anything, but as the day goes on and the room gets darker it becomes clearer. I actually paid about £10 for this and you can get much bigger ones for the same price, but aside from the fact there's a certain coolness in it being USB powered, noone at work can complain about me using any extra electricity since it's only using that which my computer is already using! :) I'm really tempted to get a massive one for home now as well! (not USB powered this time though)


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