Tuesday 13 July 2010

Super Cario World

My friend Carrie came over for the weekend for another gaming, DVD and junk food session and as you might imagine, we had a ton of fun like always! The name of this post is because it's obviously a pun of Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo (the BEST Mario game!) and to further this we've created a Foursquare event not far from my house called "Super Cario World" so whenever she comes over we check into it etc.

Okay enough explaining, the rest of the this is going to be mostly pictures. They're more exciting than my ramblings anyway :)

We ordered Chinese food - Yummy chow mein for me!

Went shopping for extra weekend supplies and bought these on offer...
18p for the lot! Bargainous!

Bought Star Mix Haribo purely because it advertised a new alien figure.
I was disappointed it wasn't bigger.

Watch "Black Sheep", a horror comedy.
It was truely awful.

Thankfully this one turned out to be much better,
pretty gruesome stuff!

I ran a small poll on my Twitter asking people which bolognese sauce we should use.

Ended up going with the Carrie-friendly regular flavour, but still tasted great!

And we also played a lot of Mario Kart Wii (which was very frustrating as Nintendo WFC was rubbish all day/kept disconnecting us a lot), Carnival Games (also Wii) and even wired up my old PS2 so we could play Tony Hawk's Underground 1 and 2 as we used to be awesome at that and we haven't played in years. Good times.


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