Tuesday 27 July 2010

Scanimation: Star Wars

This is so unbelievably cool the video will not do it justice, but it's just... wow! Rob at work had told me about this book he'd seen where the pages "moved", yet there was no technology involved. I knew that I needed to see this so I set out on a mission to find it... and thankfully this proved quite easy and I am now the proud owner of the Star Wars saga, in Scanimation form:

As you turn the pages you can see the pictures "moving" and the speed you turn the page controls how fast that movement is. How it works is actually really simple and each page is more like a card sleeve with black vertical lines. Behind it you can see part of a separate bit of card which is fixed to the binding and as you turn the page the inside card is pulled and because of the black lines covering part of that inside card, you see an image that looks like it's changing. I'm probably not explaining it very well am I? Just marvel at the imagery!

I know it's not amazing quality, but it impressed the hell out of me and everyone that's seen it goes "oh wow!" (or words to that effect!) Oh and yes, the 1st and 10th one are the same, it's because the cards are in story order and I guess they thought that made a decent cover!


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