Sunday 18 July 2010

Creationary, Labyrinth, Fluxx and Chili

I spent Sunday at Laura, Leah and Emma's house and I had a great day although it wasn't without a bit of a chaotic start:

I was asked to bring dessert (mainly because I'd gone so overboard last time that I was asked to bring dessert lol!), but there was a specific request to make sure there was at least a chocolate gateau and double cream and it turned out this wasn't quite as straight forward as I thought it would be! The first shop that I went to which usually has such things didn't have any, but I bought a trifle and some eclairs and then went to another local shop. This shop had a chocolate gateau and a cheesecake and a chocolate torte, but no double cream. Argh! So I got all those and went back to the original shop just to get the double cream. Let me clarify, I turned up with: Trifle, 4 eclairs, gateau, torte, cheesecake and cream! There was only 4 of us in total, but in my defence, I wasn't sure who was going as it could have been as high as 7 people :)

Soon after getting there we all settled down to play my Lego Creationary game. It's essentially similar to Pictionary (where you have to draw the item), but instead with this version you have to BUILD it out of Lego. Fun!

Do you like the dune buggy?

Leah and I were on a team and worked really well together and amazingly we somehow managed to build/guess "periscope", "chainsaw", "submarine", "segway" (I kid you not!), "ski lift", the above "dune buggy" and loads more! Laura and Emma played really well too, but we were just on a roll :)

After this we had a game of Labyrinth:

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but it's a bit of a favourite in my family because it's so simplistic, yet also very challenging at the same time. Essentially you are dealt some cards and you have to reach all the goals to win, but the board/maze is constantly changing shape so it's harder to do this than it sounds. The more people that are playing means that by the time it gets back round to your go it looks completely different!

Talking of things constantly changing, that's like our next game:

Although it doesn't look it, Fluxx is a brilliant game and as they say themselves: "The Card game with ever changing rules!". It's hard to describe, but you have to draw cards from a deck and then play cards on the table and then the first person to reach the goal wins. However, the amount of cards you can hold in your hand, the amount you draw, the amount you play each turn AND even the goal are constantly changing depending on what cards are played. It's BRILLIANT! And also shockingly expensive... for what's really just a pack of cards it's insane that they charge over £10!

Leah made us all dinner and it was fantastic. Nachos (using Doritos!), Chili and rice - Yum! And then for dessert I had some of the torte and a large chunk of cheesecake! :)

We played some Mario Kart Wii and a few more games of Fluxx and then it was getting late so I headed home. Great day! :)


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