Friday 2 July 2010

Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

I've just had a really fanastic evening watching all 3 Twilight films back to back, including the new "Eclipse" movie at the midnight showing. My friend Helen was actually off work ill that day, but still managed to drag herself to come because in her words "There was no way I was missing this, I've been waiting for weeks!" so we were both buzzing with excitement! We got there about 6.30pm (first film started at 7pm) and loaded up with popcorn. I'd booked VIP seats for all the showings and it was one of the best decisions that I've ever made. Aside from obviously being the best location in the cinema and incredibly comfortable, it meant we didn't have to rush around like lunatics to get good seats and I'm not exagerrating, but that really did happen and other people seemed to be nearly fighting to get inside as fast as possible!

We walked into the "Twilight" showing at about 6.45pm and already found it heaving with people so I have no idea what time they all got there, but I was glad we didn't have to worry about it. I'd only seen "Twilight" once a while back, but I hadn't seen "New Moon" at all so I was really excited (and probably the only person in there who hadn't seen it!) and obviously I hadn't seen "Eclipse" so it was sort of like 2 and a half new films for me! :) (I've read all the books though).

The first two films were in the same room with about 15 minutes gap between them and I swear that there were some teenage girls counting how many guys were in there (not many!) because as I walked past them in the break one of them said "There's another one!" and that's the only thing I can think of and likewise Helen and myself had commented to each other on this too. "Eclipse" was a lot more balanced, but I swear that for the first two films there was probably only 15 guys AT MOST in there... and there must have been 200-300 people in there! Ha.

During the breaks between the films I was teasing Helen because everytime Edward came on the screen she would audibly inhale and everytime someones shirt came off (basically Jacob for pretty much the entire of New Moon) there was the same noise, except she wasn't alone... the entire cinema seemed be doing it and I found 200+ swooning people quite amusing! :)

10 minutes from the end of end of "New Moon" about 25-30 people got up and exited the cinema (making quite a lot of noise in the process), except it was only 11.20pm, "Eclipse" wasn't starting for another 40 minutes... I guess they REALLY wanted good seats! However, at the point the movie DID finish, it was like a stampede. People charged for the exit to get to the other screen to see the midnight showing of "Eclipse" even though we had just over 30 minutes before it started... We waited until pretty much everyone had charged out and their we leisurely sauntered back to the main lobby, visited the bathroom, queued up to get some more drinks whilst giggling at the people who were visibly and audibly panicing because there was "only" 20 minutes left until the film started and they weren't in the right place! I know I've already used the verb sauntered in this paragraph, but that's really the best word to describe how we were moving. "Don't really care, our seats will be there". In fact, I even went back out to the main lobby to get some extra supplies and got back to my seat with "only" 2 minutes to go! (the time is clearly shown on all the LCD monitors around the building so I knew exactly how long I had to walk 20 metres back to my seat!)

But back to "Eclipse" itself... brilliant! Although lots of people clapped and cheered at the end which did surprise me. I mean I thought it was good, but it certainly wasn't the best film I've ever seen! It was very enjoyable and I loved all the little in jokes from the books that weren't fully explained in the movie, but as a reader you understood/laughed at them as a little bonus. I thought it was a fair representation of the book (I think they all were) and to me everything that needed to be the films, has been, however I was little disappointed with the "battle" scene, namely that the action wasn't longer. The time from the Cullen's engaging the enemy to Edward killing "you-know-who" (no spoilers here!) is ONLY *6 minutes* long. And that includes lots of extra filler non-action scenes. The BIG battle is less than 2 minutes... I know that's still 2 minutes, but given the magnitude of what it was... I just expected it to be "longer", but it really did make it look like it was a piece of cake and there was no real challenge involved. Heck even the entire actual fight between Edward and "you-know-who" was only 90 seconds long... am I being too unreasonable expecting the conclusion to be... longer?!

But yeh, fantastic evening even if I didn't get home until 4am!!


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