Saturday 3 April 2010

Torchwood 3

Lucy and I had planned a "random adventure" this consisted of us getting in the car, heading to one of the motorways (there's 3 that cross through Bristol, of which 2 are massive ones) and just drove with no destination in mind! After a few random choices we decided to head to Wales and go to Cardiff as Lucy had never been there! Then I realised something... What's in Cardiff? TORCHWOOD 3! (well it was!) WOW! So much to Lucy's amusement, I went on a mission to try and find out where Torchwood Hub was! I knew it was in the Cardiff Bay area so headed there! Lucy's Welsh friend David actually rang up whilst we were driving and I was like: "Ask him where Torchwood is!" and then we got near it I was shrieking "OMG IT'S OVER THERE I RECOGNISE THAT BUILDING!" (Wales Millennium Centre). After parking we went back to it and it was tipping down with rain, but I needed a photo!!! Lucy stayed under the cover of the Wales Millennium Centre and took a picture whilst I got drenched, but I didn't care! And then we went inside the building for 10 minutes and it stopped raining so we got some better pictures haha.

How happy do I look?

"I thought you said this thing goes down?"

Epic :) But that was just the start of our day of awesome! Pretty much right next to Torchwood was a carousel!!! I haven't been on one of those in a few years (Brighton, also with Lucy ironically!) so we paid our £2 each and went to pick out horses to sit on! We picked "inside" ones because we didn't want wet bums from all the rain, so here's Lucy on hers and I had "Glenys" next to her horse:

We were both going round just enjoying the ride then it kicked up to quite a high speed and we both went "Woah!" at the same time followed by exclamations of how fast it was going for a Carousel! Not that I was complaining, but all the ones I've been on before have been at a slowish rate, this was like the one on Mary Poppins and I half expected my horse to fly off at any second!

After this we headed round some of the shops before going into "Café Rouge". I've never been in one before, but it was great :) For starters we had "Fougasse" (sort of cheese bread with caramelised onions and garlic+herbs) and then both had steaks for the main course. They were cooked perfectly and the French fries that came with it had the most amazing flavouring! After that we had the trio of crème brûlée each. I've never had crème brûlée, but I've always wanted to try it after seeing it on Amélie - It didn't disappoint! We had one chocolate flavour, one vanilla and one raspberry. All of them were fantastic and we finished off with a caffé latte. Here's a picture of Lucy's caffé latte which pretty much described our day:

Finally we headed back to hers, made bouncy balls (my brother's girlfriend got me a kit for my birthday) and watched "Paprika" (WEIRD FILM!) and ate doritoes with dip - Yay! Then about 11pm I headed home and pretty much went straight to bed. Here's a picture of the bouncy balls we made:

Brilliant day! :)


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