Tuesday 27 April 2010

One Touch can opener

I don't really like can openers, they have just one purpose and yet they never seem to do it properly. I've lost count of the amount of different can openers I've had and they seem to loose their cutting ability after only a few uses and even then it's nothing but an uphill struggle with them. I'd had enough and decided that, like pretty much everything, it was probably worth spending a bit of money because you usually do get what you pay for. Enter the "One Touch":

It's not a new invention and you've probably seen it before, but it's got some pretty good reviews so I thought that sounded good to me! As you can imagine as soon as I got home I wanted to try it out:

I know the can in question has a ring pull on the top, but I didn't see why that should stop me trying out the new One Touch! :) How cool was that though, clip it on, press the button... stand back and watch! It even has a magnet built in so the lid stays clipped to the unit when you lift it off. The only thing I'm a little puzzled about is the rotating at the end, I don't know quite why it did that, but it stopped at pretty much the same time the video ended. I'm guessing it's to reset the cutting position or something, but whatever it is, it's already done it's job.

Oh and what did I do with the beans?

"Super Epic Jacket Potatoes" ™ :)


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