Tuesday 13 April 2010


I bought my first Blu-ray disc:

Yes I know... it's hardly the sort of film that's going to benefit from high defintion, but I've recently just finished the book so I wanted to the see the movie and since the Blu-ray was only slightly more expensive...

I really enjoyed the book and have to say how it ended took me a little by surprise (okay a lot by surprise), but no spoilers here. It just wasn't what I personally expected, but then that's probably just me. The movie is actually more of a "movie based on a book" rather than "movie of a book" as there are quite a few differences, but I didn't actually mind (even though some of them are quite major!) and I still enjoyed it all the same.

It's funny because someone at work commented on the Blu-ray and I said that it was my first one and they were like "You bought 'THAT' as your first Blu-ray disc?" :) haha.


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