Sunday 4 April 2010

Vanessa's totally awesome party

As you've probably already guessed from the title, Vanessa hosted a party and I got to hang out with lovely people, specifically Katie, Diane, Amelia, Matthew, Michael and of course Vanessa herself! Unfortunately a lot of other people were unable to make it and Amelia and Matthew could only stay for a short while which was a shame.

Whilst chatting we played "Buzz!" on the PS3 (quiz game) and then after a while Michael made us all some cocktails, specifically strawberry daiquiris and it tasted just as yummy as it looks:

Very pink eh? I think it was at this point we watched "The Hangover" (which was very much like "Dude where's my car?" but made more sense!) and I really enjoyed it. Michael got out the cards and we started playing some drinking games, none of which I'd heard of, but the games we played were called "Pyramid", "Ring of Fire" and "21" - Much hilarity ensued! After this though we'd had enough of drinking games and moved on playing on the Wii Fit and also the dancing stage:

That's Katie and Michael playing "Dancing Stage: Hottest Party" on the Wii and then we moved onto Mario Kart 64 (the N64 version!) and after this it was getting quite late so we decided to watch Moulin Rouge. I'd forgotten how good that film is and when it finished it was about 3.30am so everyone up headed to bed!

The next morning we surveyed the damage and the kitchen looked like a bit of a bomb:

Eep! :( We watched the Devil Wears Prada (love that film!) and then we had a bit of a mad rush as time caught us up and we realised Diane had a train to catch in about 7 minutes. We made it though, phew!

Finally ending with the group photos:

Me, Vanessa, Katie, Amelia, Matthew

Diane, Katie, Vanessa, Me

I had a really great weekend and I couldn't have asked for better company and I was sad when it was time to go home!


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