Wednesday 31 March 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

As planned Carrie and myself went to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"! Because everyone I know seems to either have read the book or wants to I figured it might be quite busy so I'd prebooked specific seats to make sure we had a good place. I could not have been more wrong!!! We went in... to an empty cinema. Seriously:

That's Carrie stood where our seats were and you can see our frozen fantas with the dual colours/straws and no one else :) Okay so eventually people DID come in, but in a cinema built for about 250 people there were 10 people total. Haha :)

Oh I also liked that on our seat it said they were reserved!

To be fair that laminated card was on ALL the superior seats, but I felt pretty important all the same! :)

The film itself was longer than I had expected (2 and half hours), but I'm glad because they managed to get a lot of stuff in it, although it still felt a bit rushed to me. Likewise a lot of stuff was missing and in a few cases events had been changed from the book. It doesn't spoil anything, but in the film Anita Vanger died 20 years ago, in the book she lives in London which in turn changes how they get to something else and also it seems to be fairly common knowledge to Milton Security that Lisbeth is a hacker when in the book it's uber secretive. But these were trivial differences and I imagine they made them so they didn't have to explain things more and could just progress on with the story.

Watching subtitled films never really bothers me and Carrie (who hadn't read the book) didn't have a problem following and said she really enjoyed it. The only thing I really did find a bit "weird" was that every now and then the atmospheric music would come out of nowhere... and it'd be VERY loud too. Lots of quiet/talking only scenes... BOOM ATMOSPHERIC EXCITING MUSIC!

I can't wait to see the 2nd and 3rd films! :)

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