Tuesday 13 April 2010

Lucy Porter and Subway

Last week we went out for Lucy's birthday which resulted in my going to see my first comedienne, Lucy Porter. To be honest I'd never heard of her, but the show itself was good although it felt a bit short (2 hours?), but then it wasn't very expensive either.

Afterwards we went in some local pubs, the first of which had a huge sign over the door saying they were "a different sort of pub". Me being me bounced in and went straight up to the barman and asked "How" they were a different sort of pub. Apparently they stock a lot of unusual beers, but since I was driving that didn't really help me. I had a "Feel Good" (basically a J2O!) and then discovered that they had "Relentless" in glass bottles:

It's the same energy drink as you get in the can, except it's over twice the price (£2.80!) for HALF the size! (250ml instead of 500ml!). Oh well it was still a first for me :)

After this we headed into Subway and I had my first ever subway! This caused Meg and Andy much amusement and they couldn't believe I'd never been in one, but it's just never come up. After talking to them both I decided to get the "steak and cheese" melt (or something like that?) and I had jalepenos, gurkins and lettuce put in it. Meg told me I could put tons more in it, but I was very happy with that and thought it tasted great:

After this we headed back to Lucy's where she opened her presents and then I left to back home, but she had a good day/evening so that was great. :)


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