Sunday 6 June 2010


Three weeks ago I went on holiday with some friends to South Germany and had a great time! We drove all the way there which was quite a trek, but we passed through France, Belgium and Holland on route and later on in the week, whilst in Germany, we also popped across the borders to both Austria and the Czech Republic to look around there!

Here's where our journey began, 6am in Dover waiting for our ferry to take us to France

Leaving the UK, it's very cold and we've hardly slept either!

My SatNav whilst somewhere in Holland. As you can see we still have nearly
8 hours of driving to do (we've already done 5 hours to get this far!)

Our lovely house! 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large
lounge and decent kitchen and dining areas too!

From a village we went to where nearly everything is made
of glass! (well quite a lot!) Lots of glass shops too!

Giant pick-up sticks!

We had some barbeques too!

No matter which way you faced, this was what the view looked like. No really.

Well unless you looked at the mountains, then it looked like this:

That's me at the top of Eagle's Nest and yes that is SNOW behind me!

The view from up there was breathtaking!

We're over 1.8km above sea level ON A MOUNTAIN and they still put in a souvenir shop!

Exploring whilst at the top of the mountain

There's so much snow up here!

No description needed!

This was zoomed in as well!

Salzberg, although it reminded me a lot of Dublin because of the
river through the middle of it and the multiple bridges.

Also in Salzberg and no the man on top of the ball isn't real, but notice the railway behind!

Munich now, there are trams here!

We came on "Chuch Day" so there was lots of religious events going on.

Enjoying some German beer!

Even baby Isabel liked it! (we didn't really give her any!)

We found a shop selling all manner of medieval weapons!

We also tried shooting some targets

And searching for gold!

Doma┼żlice, Czech Republic - Very colourful eh?

Typical cigarette store in Eastern Europe... Yes really!

Enjoying a final meal at the local pub

I took 1031 pictures in total and even after chopping them down there was still 400 which is just too many to post, but I hope you get an idea from the above.

I haven't spoken any German since I left school in 1996 and it's way back in 1988-1990 that I actually lived in Germany so it took a few days for the language to get back into it. However, by the end of the week I was able to work out most things without too many problems and impressed myself in the process. I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be, but as the week went on I saw more and more words I recognised and I was just really glad I remembered as much as I did!

The location was great, the company was fantastic and the scenery (as you can see!) was just amazing. :)


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