Wednesday 17 March 2010

Picture dump from work

I figured I would post some of the fun pictures that I've taken at work over the last week! :)

I made smoothies on my desk at work!

I had two new Dell servers arrive

Bought some Kinder Surprise

Chris got a cool plane thing in his

I just got stupid pointless toys

I did find the world's smallest ladybird though!

In other news, I saw Alice in Wonderland (2D) at the cinema tonight. It was weird, but I did enjoy it. Did I mention it was weird? :) Talking of films, I pre-ordered the Avatar Steelbook set and then decided to get the bundle with the Sony BDP-S360 Blu-ray player as it's a cheap way of getting a decent Blu-ray player.... Shame I don't have an HD-TV, nor do I have any plans to get one! (at least I'll be able to play UK Blu-ray discs though!)


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