Thursday 11 March 2010

Google Street View

Way back in May 2009 I was lucky enough to come across a Google Street View car:

It came about because my brother was waiting outside the house for me to pick him up and I arrived a minute later after the car had driven past so he quickly got in and we gave chase to try and find it. I was hoping that perhaps if I followed it then I'd be on Street View and since last year I've been checking every few weeks to see if it's updated yet. Unfortunately I've had to wait until today to see the images (the same day they've just launched 95% of the UK instead of just major cities) and I'm not disappointed:

I was following him for quite a while, but apparently the main road I was following him along isn't available for viewing (literally a black screen and says unavailable!) and I think that possibly the person "chatting" in the first picture lodged a complaint or something as my brother thinks the guy was filling in a form and possibly now the whole street is exempt! BOO! Still, you can see my car turning into the road to follow the Google car and then turning off because we'd had enough and had more exciting places to be. Oh, but I'm not finished yet... what about the pictures of my brother stood outside my parents house?

Aside from the slight distortion of the lamppost at the bottom of the first picture, that's pretty clear isn't it? He said that in the second picture he was texting me to ask where I was and to tell me the Google car just went by (although I arrived before he sent it) :) Talking of texting, I've just asked where his car was (only mum's car is on the drive), but apparently the reason I was picking him up was to take him to the garage to get his car! Ah ha! (which makes sense really since the main car isn't there either so both parents must be out as if they were home they'd have taken him).

So yeh... Street View UK is now live and there's a good chance your street is on there so go have a look!


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